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Samsung launches smart home appliances and food-making robot at CES 2020

as if Samsung brought together a personal chef, a nutritionist and a personal assistant in a single smart environment

Personal assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant they still don?t make breakfast for you – unfortunately – and this must be one of anyone?s dreams. artificial intelligence inside home. Well, this one doesn?t seem so distant after we see what the Samsung promises to do, following the brand's highlights in CES 2020.

During the conference Age of Experience, a series of home appliances and smart products was shown, and here are the main highlights for you who will probably also want to leave your kitchen in the hands of machines.

Me, Chef

KBIS Samsung Bot ChefWe have to agree: Bot Chef is the best mobile phone support ever created. (Reproduction: Disclosure)

O Bot Chef, the kitchen helper that was announced at Kitchen and Bath Industry Show last year, perhaps the company's biggest smart highlight this year. He was put to the test in this CES 2020 when scheduled 35 recipessuch as sweet or savory salads, and can even separate ingredients automatically and handle the closest dispensing if necessary.

When performing a voice command like "Hey, Bot Chef, let's make a salad", he guides the human boss with voice commands to help him prepare, showing the steps on a screen, while rotating his arms (with four joints and three fingers each) at at six axes. The secret is SARAM, which is the company's programmable multipurpose robotic platform, and AI sensors. internal and external, which do not hinder you in the preparation.

The robot, also nicknamed ?cobot?(Junction of collaborative and robot, or collaborative robot, in free translation) works as the name implies, being a true companion when cooking. He separates and adds ingredients, like oils and spices, and does all the calculations of how much to add. You can even beat an omelet and clean certain containers for you. There is only one thing: some more robust ingredients are still not chopped, needing you to leave them by hand or better, "with mechanical arms".

The learning system of this product that most resembles a severed android is also the application of machine learning (machine learning) to learn new skills, such as "tinkering" or "mixing". No time to create? It is also possible to download directly from the app. It works similar Alexa, for example, where you can download a specific function, in an extensive list of skills, in addition to being able to create and share with the online ecosystem.

What matters most: we still do not know the exact price of the pair of arms of Samsung, but it has been revealed that it will be minimally "accessible". If we consider that the tasks are to lift a bottle of oil or a salt shaker, we can well know that the use is not industrial, which should bring the product closer to a luxury coffee maker than one smart car.

The new ice cubes

The three models of the Samsung Cube Refrigerator (Reproduction: Disclosure)The three models of the Samsung Cube Refrigerator (Reproduction: Disclosure)

The new series of cubic coolers comes in three models, called Wine, Beer, and Beauty Wine, Beer and Beauty, respectively. The minimum fine finishes can match different types of decoration and, since they are stackable, the combinations can fit into any room in your home, even in the bedroom, since they are quiet.

On the glass door there is a temperature indicator, balanced according to what you choose to store in each refrigerator. As the names of the models indicate, each one comes with a different support and configuration, so that you can house your wines (lying down), your beer cans or your beauty products in comfort.

BESPOKE, the modular refrigerator from Samsung (Divulgao)BESPOKE, Samsung's modular refrigerator (Reproduction: Disclosure)

Another highlight, the refrigerator BESPOKE manages to create a new category of custom appliances. You can customize the product's functions using the Flex Zone, a compartment that can be used as a refrigerator or Freezer. On Samsung's own website you can test some combinations of doors, modules and colors that will depend on the customer's taste to make a kitchen more stylish.

Samsung and its artificial intelligence

A new model of the Family Hub refrigerator, with a host of new features to automate recipe planning and your cooking experience. H cameras with artificial intelligence within the appliance itself, which allows for the elaborate planning of meals and suggestions of recipes adapted to personal preferences.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator (Reproduction: Disclosure)Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator (Reproduction: Disclosure)

Get ready for some English terms that will make the kitchen experience even more chic: they are recommended Smart Recipes (smart recipes), guided by Meal Planner (meal planner) that can even prepare your schedule for the rest of the week in one click, with the feature Quick Plan (quick plan).

The new Family Hub is the most innovative so far (in the five years of the line), with more intelligent and personalized features that allow family members with busy lives to be more connected.

John Herrington, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics America, in a press release

Artificial intelligence goes further, as it checks the products in your refrigerator against the dish plan and can send updates on stored or missing products, compiling everything you need to buy in one smart shopping list Apparently, it will prioritize the same ingredients used in more than one recipe for the sake of saving money and condiments.

The door screen, nicknamed Family Board (family board) in the model launched in 2019, is back with a special addition: the video function. In addition to being able to mirror your phone and TV, there are ways to share music and even play apps on streaming. Yes, you can finally cook while watching Netflix on your fridge. New enhancements to software gives Family Hub will be available in the second quarter of this year.

Which series would you like to marathon while preparing lunch for the family over the weekend?

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