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Samsung at the top: the most sought after smart TVs in Zoom in December

Although Samsung appears in the lead, Philco stood out with two models in the top 3; check out the list of the most popular smart TVs on Zoom in December 2019

O zoom released its latest monthly survey of 2019, referring to the most searched smart TVs in December on their platforms. Closing the year with a golden key, Samsung maintained leadership with the intermediary RU7100 4K 50 ? as the most sought after model by Brazilians.

However, the brand lost the second and third positions, conquered last November. Beating big companies like LG and TCL, a Philco was the one who grabbed both positions, with their 4K and Full HD smart TVs.

Samsung domain

Samsung Smart TV LED 50Smart TV LED 50 ? Srie 7 4K HDR was the most sought after model on the Zoom platform in December 2019

From June to December, the 4K TV darling of Samsung was the one who got the first place in the ranking of zoom. The model stands out, above all, for its attractive price for a 4K smart TV with elegant design, thin borders and HDR Premium technology, which makes images much more vivid and shiny.

In addition to Series 7 4K, a Samsung appears with 32 ? Business LH32BENELGA / ZD LED smart TV, which has resources focused on the establishments, and also its QLED 4K line with the Q60.

In November, the Samsung appeared with 69% participation with 4K UN50RU7100GXZD. During December, the brand reached 71%, expanding its leadership, according to the survey.

Philco stood out in December

Philco managed to stand out with two models at the top of the most popular models in Zoom during the month of December 2019Philco managed to stand out on the Zoom list with two televisions

J a Philco, which did not even appear on the list of zoom November, appeared in December with two models with very attractive prices both at the lowest and highest price. THE Philco 4K PTV55Q50SNS can be found for less than $ 1,500 on some websites. THE Philco Full HD PTV40E21DSWNC, in turn, is sold in some stores for less than R $ 1,300.

THE LG, another brand with prominence in televisions in Brazil, lost a position, quite possibly due to the appearance of the models of Philco, making the comparison with the previous month. The brand closed December with only two models among the most sought after in the zoom. Smart TVs with artificial intelligence platforms stood out ThinQ AI.

Check below the 10 smart TVs that were highlighted in the most sought after list of zoom in December 2019 (01/12 to 12/31). Updated prices are on each link.

The most popular smart TVs in December on Zoom

1Smart TV LED TV 50 ? Samsung Srie 7 4K UN50RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 1,899.00R $ 3,077.9069%
2Smart TV 55 LED TV ? Philco 4KPTV55Q50SNS 3 HDMIR $ 2,374.05R $ 2,999.9036%
3Smart TV LED TV 40 ? Philco Full HD PTV40E21DSWNC 2 HDMIR $ 1,249.00R $ 1,299.604%
4Smart TV LED TV 55 ? Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR UN55RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 2,249.10R $ 3,902.9074%
5Smart TV LED TV 50 ? LG 4K 50UM7510PSB 4 HDMIR $ 1,989.47R $ 2,399.9021%
632 ? Samsung Business LH32BENELGA / ZD 2 HDMI Smart TVR $ 835.00R $ 1,331.0059%
732 ? LG ThinQ AI HDR 32LM625BPSB 3 HDMI Smart TVR $ 839.80R $ 1,461.0874%
8Smart TV LED TV 43 ? Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR UN43RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 1,519.05R $ 2,447.9061%
9Smart TV QLED 55 ? Samsung Q60 4KHDR QN55Q60RAGXZD 4 HDMIR $ 3,039.05R $ 4,467.8247%
10LED TV Smart TV 58 ? Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR UN58RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 2,799.65R $ 4,389.9057%

Zoom Survey

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