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S-Pen: Samsung's patent reveals spy camera

Possible S-Pen camera opens up possibilities for the smartphone market.

Last year, the Galaxy Note 9 gives Samsung gave us a new S-Pen with several unique features using the Bluetooth. But the Korean giant may have new plans for its stylus according to the new patent.

It reveals a S-Pen with camera at one end. What's more, the camera is equipped with an optical zoom system making it possible to take distant photos in better quality than a digital zoom. Samsung's patent also shows a button on the S-Pen to control the zoom of that camera.

It also suggests that the new S-Pen have a battery similar to the current stylus of Note 9using a capacitor to quickly recharge the device in the battery compartmenttylus on the smartphone. We can expect a significant price increase over the previous version, since the new technology would need a hardware more complex.

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<p>However, it is not known how the camera function of <strong>S-Pen</strong> would be used. One of the possibilities to <strong>Samsung</strong> separate the camera from <em>selfie</em> smartphones. In doing so, the company would open doors to a <em>display</em> completely borderless.</p>
<p>Another possibility is the<em>tylus</em> be used for productivity-related functions, such as optical text recognition. This would be ideal during meetings, lectures and studies, allowing users to take a picture of a slide or book via <strong>S-Pen</strong> and convert to text, as well as the technologies of competitors, the <strong>Google Lens</strong> it's the <strong>Microsoft Office Lens.</strong></p>
<p>A third potential will be used for photography in general, allowing users to take photos in a more discreet way, almost like a spy. That way, you can record moments while your smartphone is in your pocket.</p>
<h2>New S-Pen may arrive soon</h2>
<p>It is still uncertain how Samsung will make use of this novelty, but we can already assume that it will be as interesting for smartphones of the Galaxy line, as for tablets and notebooks produced by the company. And, considering that the patent was approved yesterday (05), it should not be long before these resources reach the market.</p>
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