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REVIEW: The Witcher 3 (Switch) is a fantastic adventure that now fits in your hands

The Witcher 3, Geralt's magical journey, arrives on the Nintendo Switch in style; read our full review

O Nintendo Switch is becoming the console of impossible ports. That's because the success of the latest gaming platform from Nintendo are becoming the home of more complex title adaptations and that a careless player would never imagine seeing on a console. Nintendo. The most recent case with The Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt, a masterpiece of CD Projekt Red that marked this generation.

The game version released for the Switch contains the same extra contents as the release version.The game version released for the Switch contains the same extra contents as the release version.

O Showmetech had access to a copy of The Witcher 3 to Nintendo Switch provided by CD Projekt Red and, after a few days of intense gambling, we bring you a complete analysis of how this incredible adventure in a world full of beauty, mystery and danger got on the screen of the small (but powerful) console of Nintendo!

A world full of dangers and beauty

If you haven't had a chance to play The Witcher 3 yet, he probably has no idea of ??the incredible narrative he is missing. THE CD Projekt Red it gave life to an almost sublime series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. The game starts with the wizard Geralt (a kind of bounty hunter with magical powers) in search of his longtime lover, Yennefer.

What starts as just another simple mission to locate a person following trails and tracks in a short time is the experienced wizard in a series of interesting scenarios that throw him into a morally problematic territory. Being one of the most dense and complex RPG games ever made, The Witcher 3 it will occasionally offer opportunities for the player to make decisions and affect the course of the story.

In The Witcher 3, in addition to humans, you must face beasts and monsters like griffinsIn The Witcher 3, in addition to humans, you must face beasts and monsters like griffins

Along with its talented and varied cast of characters, the game easily has one of the best stories of the decade. Characters like Ciri, Yennefer, Geralt and Vesemir are incredibly charming and pleasant, while villains like Gaunter O?Dimm or the Velen's Crones they are absolutely attractive and unforgettable. it is a story with several endings that will leave your heart and mind marked long after the credits finish scrolling through the screen.

Many of the secondary characters managed to leave a great impression with their nuanced personalities and the dilemmas that surrounded them. Even with an extensive main campaign and tons of parallel activities to do, The Witcher 3 still has two more expansions (Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine) that are considered by the critics and player community as the best additional content ever released!

Geralt's world is giant and full of secrets to discover.Geralt's world is giant and full of secrets to discover.

It is true that the pace of the game is sometimes hindered by the gigantic open world with many places to explore. Even so, the excellent quality of the narrative of The Witcher 3 remains intact. Each secondary story is so dense and profound in its independence that they intensify the player's experience with this world and his immersion in this magical universe.

Helping townspeople by hunting grotesque monsters or investigating mysteries are parts of the game that present the player with engaging plots, thought-provoking scenarios and impressive and terrifying creatures at the same time. However, the most important thing is that you should never underestimate the complexity of a mission or even the power of your opponents. Always be aware of the dangers that can surround you and the mysteries that items and places can hide.

In addition to the excellent gameplay, the excellent game narrativeIn addition to the excellent gameplay, the excellent game narrative

The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch

Even with some limitations (which we already know to be unavoidable in the case of a console with lower graphics power than its competitors), it is possible to affirm that The Witcher 3 works great on Nintendo Switch. Although the resolution is 720p, while in mode docked, and only 540p in portable mode, the game still retains its beauty. According to Saber Interactive, the company responsible for adapting the game to the Nintendo Switch, these resolution adjustments were necessary for the game to flow properly without gaps or crashes during segments in the open world or with many elements on the screen.

It is evident that a good part of the textures are of low quality and there may be some drops of frames in certain moments of the adventure, but even so these technical difficulties will not hinder the player's journey. In addition, many of the elements of the scenario that can be seen over longer distances have been reduced in quality to maintain acceptable game performance. If you don't mind these small visual downgrades, Geralt's complete experience is still there for you to enjoy.

Even with a lower graphic quality on the Switch, the game maintains its greatnessEven with a lower graphic quality on the Switch, the game maintains its greatness

The other versions are obviously graphically better, but the ability to play the game portable is a benefit that few large-sized titles have. impressive how to explore the fantastic world of The Witcher 3 it seems so natural being able to go anywhere using only the Joy-Cons. Playing the game in a portable way works particularly well while the player explores due to the heavy gameplay nature of the open world.

While many Western AAA titles are dominant in almost every major game mechanic, The Witcher 3 can manipulate many mechanical systems without giving the feeling of something very thin or superficial. Combat is easy to learn and the various levels of difficulty make the game accessible to any type of player. The flow of action looks perfect when Geralt take each enemy down smoothly, one by one, while incorporating Bestirio's oil, magic and knowledge to aid in the fight.

In addition to your weapons and equipment, you need to be aware of your skills and spellsIn addition to your weapons and equipment, you need to be aware of your skills and spells

Combat generally manages to do an excellent job of providing a true experience as a bounty hunter, but sometimes it can fall short mainly in terms of response time for non-commandos. Switch. Furthermore, although there is clearly a high degree of polish in the fight, avoiding enemies seems very easy, because the evasive movement of Geralt has a faster response than your standard attacks and spells.

Along with a somewhat uneven difficulty curve, there are some aspects of gameplay that have room for improvement, but they are minor problems in a game that does so many things right in so many different levels of complexity in a RPG game. Furthermore, if you are looking for a great challenge, it is highly recommended to experience The Witcher 3 in the greatest difficulty level Death March, in which the player remains on tiptoe at all times because he needs to put his magic and fighting skills to the test!

Use your skill points wisely and never underestimate the power of Fast Travel to quickly cross the worldUse your skill points wisely and never underestimate the power of Fast Travel to quickly cross the world

The biggest highlight of the environment created in the game that exploration in the huge open world creates a cycle of feedback satisfactory gameplay. Traveling through the vast monster-infested lands, Geralt and his faithful horse, Roach, they have many goals to fulfill, many coins to collect and many peasants and nobles to help. From eliminating bandit camps and destroying monster nests to searching for hidden items, activities offer an abundance of new armor, weapons, skill and experience points and money.

In its turn, Geralt gains new skills by leveling up when skill points are applied to a diverse skill tree. All items you collect in the world or by loot can be sold for cash, used to create new equipment with a blacksmith, or transmuted into magic or mutagenic tools through alchemy. There are many different combinations of skills and different equipment you can create and it is always necessary to take into account which attribute of Geralt you want to specialize: hand-to-hand combat, ranged combat, or spells.

The Witcher 3 narrative allows the player to make decisions and change the course of historyThe Witcher 3 narrative allows the player to make decisions and change the course of history

Build and improve the character of Geralt with skill points that are earned through experience points provide players with a wide variety of approaches to gameplay. You will definitely want to avoid peaceful alternatives to any confrontation, as these give your character less experience points. As points can be attributed to magic signs, combat skills, alchemy and general skills, it updates the game to keep you fresh for new rounds of gambling.

A treasure in your hands

As a reference title that other games of the same genre have difficulty reaching, The Witcher 3 blooms fantastically in the Nintendo Switch as a pivot of the fantasy RPG genre. With an immense amount of content that is absolutely immersive, a meaningful narrative and a world meticulously designed to explore, there is no doubt about the quality of the game. Once you step into the shoes of Geralt, it is difficult to forget your history and leave this fantastic world.

Ready to step into Geralt's shoes and explore this fantastic world?Ready to step into Geralt's shoes and explore this fantastic world?

The version for Nintendo Switch manages to keep everything that made the game so incredible and now has turned it into a work that can be played anywhere. Certainly some technical sacrifices had to be made so that this unique experience would not be harmed, but for minds more open to new journeys these limitations should not prove to be a very big obstacle to be overcome. It is a true technical marvel that only shows how far handheld games have gone. When one of the greatest games of the decade is now portable, there are no more limits.

The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt (Complete Edition)

8.5 / 10


The Nintendo Switch version of The Witcher 3 is a brilliant game port that works very well in demonstrating the capabilities of the Nintendo hybrid console. Even with some technical and visual limitations so as not to jeopardize the user's experience, now the owners of the Switch have a great opportunity to step into Geralt's shoes and unravel the mysteries and face the dangers that a magical world has in store.


  • A great technological feat;
  • All the original content of the game available;
  • The controls adapt well to the Switch.


  • Low quality textures;
  • Short delay in responding to commands.

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