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New Sony Master Series smart TVs arrive in Brazil; meet the models

Sony's new line of Master Series TVs promises better image quality in any type of media; prices start at R $ 19,299.99

This Thursday (17th), in So Paulo, the Sony held a special event to announce the launch of smart TVs Master Series, part of the well-known line Premium XBR. Composed of two models, XBR A9G and XBR Z9G, the devices reach the national market with the proposal to faithfully reproduce the creation of film, TV, games and other directors.

The presentation was attended by the President of the Sony Brazil, Kenichiro Hibi, and the Head of TV Marketing at Sony Brazil, Walter Sinohara, in addition to several professionals in the sector, to talk about the importance of the immersion experience that consumers are looking for in today's televisions. O Showmetech was present and we count below all the news announced.

New Sony Master Series line and the importance of 8K

Sony Master Series (3)During the event, Sony reinforced the importance of following the growth of new technologies

Taking advantage of content as it has been accomplished is not an easy task. This is due to some factors that end up interfering in the transfer of these contents to other media. For example: a film made for the cinema or a series shot in 4K, use the best cameras to capture every detail of the image, however, home televisions are not always able to accurately convey this reality. And this is one of the main differentials of the line Master Series, gives Sony.

With their ultra-thin design, the new TVs from Sony were designed for self-calibration, that is, the device can balance the brightness, colors and depth according to the assisted material. Be it an older movie with fewer pixels or a 4K Blu-Ray, the idea that nothing loses its quality when playing in a Sony Master Series. See the trailer below:

The same goes for games, streaming and Open TV. Each of these transmitters has a different quality, in which the Master Series can adjust. In the case of Netflix, the new line gained its own feature called Netflix Calibrated Mode, developed in partnership with the content producer.

With exclusivity, the Showmetech interviewed the president of Sony Brazil, Kenichiro Hibi, who commented on the introduction of 8K in the Brazilian and worldwide market. According to the executive, even if the technology is recent in Brazil, the launch of the XBR Z9G TV in the country demonstrates the Sony to bring the most advanced in a market that grows every day.

?In Japan, there are already plans to display the Olympics in 8K, however, it is still restricted to the country. Some barriers still prevent the worldwide transmission of this immense amount of data, but with the constantly evolving connection technology, we will achieve this goal in a short time. ?

Highlighted Kenichiro Hibi, president of Sony Brazil

Kenichiro also talked about the old desire, both from Sony as well as content producers, to take the technology Master Series to the home of consumers. According to him, thanks to the common interest of both parties, it was possible to achieve this objective, creating a ?window? between the cinema studio and the sofa of the spectator's houses. When asked about the differential of the 8K gives Sony compared to its competitors, the company's president stressed that the calibration technology of Master Series manages to offer an even more realistic experience.

?Our great differential is much more than the delivery of large screens and image resolution. The unique calibration on each TV of the Master Series makes it possible for even the user who is unaware of calibration techniques to obtain the director's vision for that type of content. ?

Reinforces Kenichiro Hibi, president of Sony Brazil

Cinema sound

In addition to image quality, Sony worked on the audio resources so that the consumer has a complete cinematic experience. Called Sound-from-Picture Reality, the system consists of two powerful speakers positioned behind the projection screen, generating most of the audio. In this way, the sound can be synchronized with the movement of the image, bringing a more natural and immersive experience.

Real intelligence

Another point of attention was the operating system Android TV that was added to the models Sony Master Series. Simple and intuitive, it allows you to perform content searches by accessing menus and settings more quickly. O Android TV also compatible with Google Assistant, virtual assistant Google, also guaranteeing the possibility of using content Google and control other compatible devices.

With the system Hands-free (without hands, in free translation) the user can control the TV by voice, thanks to a microphone integrated in the device. It is possible to carry out configuration commands, open applications, turn on and off, among others. Below you can see the specifications of the available models.

Sony Master Series XBR Z9G

With the Master Series line, Sony definitely enters the 8K TV marketWith the Master Series line, Sony definitely enters the 8K TV market

Being the first model 8K HDR of the brand to arrive in Brazil, XBR Z9G TV gives Sony was designed with the same rigor as the Cinema line and Broadcast from the company. It has about 32 million pixels that fill the field of view with texture and depth, and brings processing 8K X-Reality PRO, which works by analyzing and improving each scene to ensure perfect details, regardless of the resolution of the original content.

The model also has lighting Backlight Master Drive, which divides the screen into microzones with a special assembly on each LED to reduce light leakage. This technology works in conjunction with the 8K X-tended Dynamic Range, which individually controls each light point and recalibrates the light intensity. J the technology X- Motion Clarity, makes each point of light have a different simulation frequency, improving sharpness even in fast scenes.

Until then LED Triluminuos has 85 inches and selectively reinforces the image, preventing colors from becoming saturated. With the optical design X-Wide Angle it manages to maintain clear tones regardless of the angle at which the content is watched. Another highlight of Sony XBR Z9G the processor X1-Ultimate, which works in conjunction with the TV video card to ensure maximum performance of the 14-bit color palette. He is primarily responsible for improving the content during the TV broadcast.

Being the most complete model, the XBR Z9G TV costs almost R $ 90 thousandBeing the most complete model, the XBR Z9G TV costs almost R $ 90 thousand

O Sound-from-Picture Reality, previously mentioned, acts in conjunction with the Acoustic Multi-Audio so that the viewer has the cinema experience at home. This is due to the placement of the speakers at the top and bottom rear of the device. In this way, the TV can synchronize the audio according to the movement of the image, that is, if a character plays a sound on the right side of the TV, it is the speakers positioned on the same side that produced the loudest sound.

With 80W of power, this innovative system is also compatible with the standard Dolby ATMOS, used in cinemas since 2012. TV Sony Master Series XBR Z9G go on pre-sale starting this Thursday (17) for R $ 89,999.99 and can be purchased on the e-commerce of Sony and on Fast shop.

Sony Master Series XBR 9AG

The X1-Ultimate processor is largely responsible for the ability of TVs to adjust to different resolutionsThe X1-Ultimate processor is largely responsible for the ability of TVs to adjust to different resolutions

The second model in the Master Series line of Sony O XBR 9AG. That stands out for being the evolution of the brand's OLED TVs. Starting with your audio system with Acoustic Surface +, which through actuators is able to generate audio on the screen itself. This model has two subwoofers at the rear, which reproduces bass sounds with more power filling the entire environment and is also compatible with Dolby ATMOS.

At 65 inches, the XBR 9AG TV composed of 8 million self-illuminating pixels. It also features the technology Pixel Contrast Booster, which acts in conjunction with the OLED panel to bring images with more realism thanks to the screen Triluminus. The processor X1 ultimate, responsible for adjusting the images, is also present to ensure that the contents are in the best quality. THE Sony Master Series XBR 9AG TV enter into pre-sale also from this Thursday (17) for R $ 19,299.99 and can be purchased on the e-commerce of Sony and the Fast Shop.

What did you think of the new smart TVs from Sony? Is that Master Series 8K arrive in Brazil to disturb the Samsung and the TCL? Leave it in the comments!

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