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New battery-free Bluetooth chip could revolutionize the Internet of Things

It has the thickness of paper and the size of a letter stamp, in addition to being able to send signals up to 3 meters away

With an increasingly connected world, the advancement of technology in this regard has become increasingly faster and more accurate. the case of the announcement of the first Bluetooth chip without battery, made by the Israeli company Wiliot, and that promises to draw its energy from other connections and air frequencies in a very interesting way.

Internet of Things

The connected world

Apparently, it will not be long before everything around us gradually becomes intelligent. This advance has already started and we currently have an incredible diversity of products that earn this nickname of smart because they are connected with other devices, mainly with our smartphones, and work together. That is, connected.

Refrigerators capable of notifying when products are expired and even ordering a new one, machines that are programmed to prepare a toast or coffee at a certain time, air conditioning that can be turned on from a distance so that the user can get home with the perfect climate, among other things that already exist and will soon exist.

But for this to happen, it is also important that technology advances to offer more effective and cheaper solutions to give these products these communication skills. That is why the importance of the company's new advertisement Wiliot.

A Bluetooth chip without a battery

The chip is capable of sending Bluetooth signals up to 3 meters awayThe chip is capable of sending Bluetooth signals up to 3 meters away

The chip was announced on Monday during the annual retailer show National Retail Federation. He gives thickness of a paper and has the same size of a letter stamp. It has the ability to feel the weight and temperature of the things around it, in addition to sending encrypted information via Bluetooth connection at a distance of up to 3 meters.

The most interesting thing is that it does not use a battery as its power source but rather Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections, cell phone signals and radio waves. The company is confident that this is an important step for the connected world to gain a strong ally.

Making everything smarter

First battery-free Bluetooth chip is paper-thickFirst battery-free Bluetooth chip is paper-thick

Second Tal Tamir, CEO and co founder of Wiliot, the act of recycling the radiation around us to bring energy to sensors that have the size of a seal can be the right way for consumers to interact with products in a more versatile way. With the chip bluetooth without a battery, these products can send information about their location, temperature and even if they need to be replaced or replaced.

And because it doesn?t need a battery or any other extra component that can bring you a higher cost, it ends up having practically unlimited energy, capable of being coupled in products that previously could not be considered intelligent.

Impressive, isn't it? Where are you going to put your future chip, have you thought? Write to us in the comments!