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LG presents the Connected House at InnoFest 2019

LG's Connected Home Concept was presented during InnoFest 2019 with a focus on white goods

THE LG is holding its annual event called InnoFest 2019 in Orlando, to introduce the concept of Connected House with a wide portfolio of white goods facing Latin America. During the event, the company presented several products that make up a large integrated system with its devices that use Internet of Things (IoT), modernizing and connecting the entire environment.

Home Connected with LG

LG bets on the Connected House model to integrate all systems with artificial intelligenceLG bets on the Connected House model to integrate all systems with artificial intelligence

The company made several demonstrations of various items for the home, ranging from refrigerators to air purifiers, all connected via Wi-Fi and intelligent system. The company's bet on the artificial intelligence platform ThinQ, which works by connecting users and electronic devices. It allows users to control LG devices through artificial intelligence and Google Assistant as a "secretary".

"We are doing a lot of research and we want to understand a lot about the issue of connectivity, how artificial intelligence plays this role in people's lives."

Brbara Toscano, Head Marketing Manager at LG Brasil

InstaView Monarch 2 Refrigerator

Connected Home LG Refrigerator InstaViewWith just two touches the InstaView refrigerator allows you to view the inside of the refrigerator

One of the highlights presented during the Innofest 2019 was the technology InstaView, present in the Monarch 2 refrigerator, which brings more functionality and practicality to the home environment. With just two touches, it allows you to view the interior of the refrigerator without having to open the door, all thanks to the glass panel that becomes transparent with the touch. This functionality helps to save energy and lose cold air inside the refrigerator.

The refrigerator still incorporates the pioneering technology that makes icy ice. The design, in turn, was also thought to have no leakage, having a stainless steel panel CoolGuard.

"With Instaview, you double-tap the door and turn it on, so that the user can save energy and time opening and closing the refrigerator all the time."

Brbara Toscano, Head Marketing Manager at LG Brasil

O InstaView Monarch 2 refrigerator sold in Brazil for around R $ 20,999.00 in retail stores.

TurboWash 360 and TurboWash3D

LG Connected House - WasherWasher uses machine learning technology to be more functional to the user

The concept of Connected House gives LG also integrates technology TurboWash for washers, which uses learning technology of the type deep learning (machine learning). It is based on an analysis of a large amount of data collected by AI DD artificial intelligence, which allows washing patterns, automatically detects the weight of the clothes and assesses the precision and smoothness of the fabric. This ensures results that reduce the occurrence of tissue damage by 18%, extending the useful life of clothing items.

To dust TurboWash it can reduce the cycle length to approximately 39 minutes, in addition to reducing energy consumption by up to 27% and water consumption by 14%. The 3D version uses dynamic flows of water that move in different directions, while the WaveForce sends vertical streams and the JetSpray it generates strong and directed jets of water so that it can completely clean different types of clothes.

Washers TurboWash are not yet available in Brazil.

Lava and Dry TWINWash

LG Connected House washes and driesWasher uses machine learning technology to be more functional to the user

Another highlight Lava and Dry TWINWash, which has a design available in several colors for a better ambient composition. The product has the system TWINWash, allowing, at the same time, two different washes. Composed of LG TWINWash Lava and Dry and the TWINWash Mini Washer, the system provides practicality of use and space saving.

"TwinWash washes and dries two washings at the same time and also connects to the application".

Brbara Toscano, Head Marketing Manager at LG Brasil

THE TWINWash washes and dries sold in Brazil for about R $ 7,749.00 in major retail stores.

ArtCool air conditioning

Connected Home LG ArtcoolAir conditioning allows you to control the temperature from wherever you are through an application using Internet of Things

This line of air conditioners from LG has Dual Inverter technology, which works with an LG compressor which is responsible for greater stability and reduced vibration. This makes the device achieve savings of up to 70% in energy and cooling up to 40% faster through speed control.

The device has a 24 hour timer function, Jet Mode for faster cooling, auto clean, sleep function for up to 7 hours, Energy Saving mode, room dehumidifier and, in addition, 6 positions for the air outlet .

In addition to all these practicalities, air conditioning allows you to control the temperature from wherever you are via the Internet. With an application, it is possible to control the air and all the brand's products with the same technology. In addition, the user can stay on top of the analysis of energy consumption and the state of cleanliness of the filters.

O ArtCool air conditioning is available for purchase in Brazil for around R $ 2,549.00.

Control Smart

Dishwasher also arrives in the SmartThinQ system to connect to Wi-Fi and integrate Casa ConnectedDishwasher also arrives in the SmartThinQ system to connect to Wi-Fi and integrate Casa Connected

In stainless steel, this LG dishwasher also has the technology SmartThinQ, in addition to being compatible with Wi-Fi. It is ideal for large families, as it has three hacks with advantageous spaces.

Its three shelves come out for easy access to items on the back, and its upper rack has three height configurations to accommodate tall items. The high pressure jets on this dishwasher provide deep cleaning, and QuadWash technology has rotating arms that spray jets of water from various angles.

LG HomeBrew

The first smart home brewing machine works on capsules.The first smart home brewing machine works on capsules.

LG explained that the Homebrew, the first intelligent machine to make beer at home, works on the basis of capsules, just like coffee makers, using algorithms to carry out the fermentation process and allowing to control the temperature and pressure during the entire process of transforming the contents of the capsule into beer.

Developed in partnership with Mountons, a company focused on producing homemade beverage kits, beer capsules can take up to two weeks to be ready.

With this smart ecosystem for home environments, LG seeks to modernize your home with smart products that do away with certain jobs, but also without forgetting the sophistication and quality of the design. With even more products that make up a Connected House available in Brazil, Brazilians can adapt and adopt an intelligent system for their home environments as well, as already happens in other countries.

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