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LG gives tips for Mother's Day gifts

Contemplating all pockets and styles, LG's gift tips are ideal for making the everyday routine easier

smt-LGMaes-P1Contemplating all pockets and styles, LG's gift tips are ideal for making the routine of mothers easier.

THE LG Electronics is one of the leading companies in consumer electronics technology, mobile telephony and home appliances. The company takes advantage of the proximity Mother's Day to reinforce the good relationship it has with the Brazilian consumer, indicating a list of special products for the date.

Contemplating all pockets and styles, these gift tips are ideal to facilitate the mothers' routine providing more connectivity and comfort for them with gifts like smart TVs, wash clothes, air conditioner, smartphonesand sound system.

Smart TVs


THE LG ULTRA HD 4K TV brings the power of the image in a resolution four times higher than Full HD models. With a display of 8.3 million pixels, it provides high image quality, even for those who are far from the screen.

With the exclusive panel IPS 4K, the TV gains clarity and image angle. In addition, TV has the Smart platform most intuitive on the market:LG webOS Smart TVprovides an easier and more faster by up to 60% compared to similar models, rich interactivity and control Smart Magic, one of the great differentials of LG TVs.

You find the model 43 inch LG Smart HD 4K TV (UF6400) by from 1,900 reais.

Air conditioner


O LGSplit Lbero Artcool brings the technology Invert V, able to save up to 60% electricity when compared to conventional air conditioners (savings obtained in tests performed by LG comparing the Inverter V model with a model in the Inverter).

The innovative technology also offers a set of solutions that provide the best cost-benefit, relating comfort and contributing to health and well-being through advanced functions. LGSplit Lbero ArtcoolReverseprovide greater comfort to the user with fast, continuous and silent cooling.

You find the modelLGSplit Lbero ArtcoolReverse 18,000 BTUspor from 3,590 reais.

Wash clothes


Washers LG like Wash and dry they are perfect to provide you with practicality and ease in your daily life, in addition to saving you time. LG developed the line of Lava & Dry all the practicality of a washer and dryer in a single product to optimize your space.

Today, one of the biggest problems on the planet is the lack of water. THE LG believes that technology, in addition to providing well-being and more free time for people, plays an important role in responsibility for the environment.The exclusive technology 6 Motion from LG offers 6 washing movements against 1 from conventional ones. All washes are much better because they are customized for each type of clothing.

There are 18 different programs to provide more flexibility in your washing choice.In addition to conventional programs, its Lava & Seca LG also has Antiallergic Rinse, Delay Start, Favorite and many others. The washer also has a more modern panel with LED lights, eliminating the need for buttons.

You find the modelLG Big Door 10.2kg Lava & Dry in brushed steelper from 3,250 reals.



O LG K10 has the best experience of selfie category, with a camera 8MP front, the exclusive function Quick Selfie it's the virtual flash, options already known in LG premium smartphones, in addition to having a camera 13MP main.

Performance is also highlighted in the LG K10: comes equipped with an Octa-Core processor that provides more agility and fluidity in day-to-day activities. The smartphone also features a 5.3 inch IPS HD screen with technology In-cell touch and design known as glossy pebble, with 2.5D Arc Glass finish from LG that creates a smooth and seamless look.

The back texture is available in three colors: indigo, gold and white. It allows for optimal adhesion preventing the phone from slipping from the hands. In addition, the model will have two versions, with and without TV, both with 4G, 2.300mAh battery, 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, and 16GB of expandable memory up to 32GB.In addition, for a year, the 240 thousand users who download the application from Interactive sport and if you register, you will have three months free of charge.

You find this model by from 810 reais.



OsoundbarLG LAS550H Soundbar combines sound quality and bold design to suit any environment.Equipped with 2.1 speakers, which total 320W power, the LAS550H has 1 wireless subwoofer and connected Sound Sync Wireless that allows you to connect the soundbar your LG TV without the need for wires.

In addition, the soundbar still has technology multi Bluetooth for you and the whole family to listen to your favorite music directly from their cell phones, being possible to connect at 3 devices simultaneously, with great sound quality and that still matches the look of your room.

You find theLG LAS550H Soundbarper from 1,215 reais.

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