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iPhone XR has been the best selling model since it was launched

Confirming expectations raised since the current line of iPhones was announced, Apple's vice president of product marketing Greg Joswiak said today CNET that the iPhone XR has been the best selling model, every day, since it hit the market.

"The iPhone XR has been the most popular and with the best sales," confirmed the executive, who declined to comment on speculation about low iPhones sales.

As we have been following for the past few weeks, Apple's shares have suffered a severe blow with below-expected sales rumors coupled with the fact that, based on its upcoming financial results, the company will no longer detail the numbers of units sold in iPhones. , but also from iPads and Macs.

Just yesterday, coincidentally, we published our full review of the iPhone XR.

World AIDS Day

Apple on World AIDS Day

From this Saturday (December 1) until the 7th, Apple will donate $ 1 of each transaction made via Apple Pay at Apple Stores, on its website or through the Apple Store app for iOS to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

In addition, maintaining a tradition of years, 125 of its stores will have their logos painted red in honor of the date.

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