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iOS 11 lets you hide details of notifications on the locked screen

It is very common for users to disable notifications for certain applications to prevent eavesdroppers from invading your privacy. Imagine the following situation: you leave your cell phone on the table and get away. Starts receiving messages on WhatsApp. You wouldn?t want someone else to read your messages on the locked screen, right?

Fortunately, iOS 11 has, in addition to many other new features, a feature to help protect users' privacy.

Hiding notification details on the lock screen

It is possible to configure to receive notifications normally, but without them showing details of what is being received. Follow these steps:

1 Access Settings Notifications.

2 Touch Previews.

3 Three options will appear:

  • Ever All notifications will display their respective details.
  • When Unlocked The notifications will only show details when the iPhone has the screen unlocked.
  • Never All notifications will not have a preview, they will only be a notice with the name of the respective applications.

This tip is useful, for example, when you are in places with many people and do not want anyone reading the content of your notifications.

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