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Huawei Watch GT gets 2 new versions focusing on sport and elegance

New models of Huawei Watch GT arrive with news as a new feature for athletes and new faces

In October last year, the Huawei presented its consumers with the launch of a new smartwatch company called Huawei Watch GT. One of the most striking features of the new gadget it was, without a doubt, the life of your battery. This, among other reasons, was responsible for making it a very popular smart watch.

O Huawei Watch GT managed to sell more than 1 million units worldwide and now wins two new verses focused on different audiences: the Active it's the Elegant.

Nowadays, this is the category of smartwatch best-selling company and not for nothing that Huawei decided to invest a little more and offer more options to its public. Taking advantage of the world event that took place this week for the presentation of the new smartphones of the P30 family, the company ended up revealing the surprise. The announcement was that the Watch GT would win these two versions, thus becoming a type of product with more options for different audiences.

Screen of the new Huawei Watch GT

The Huawei Watch GT Active has a 1.39 inch screen, while Elegant has a 1.2 inch screenThe Huawei Watch GT Active has a 1.39 inch screen, while Elegant has a 1.2 inch screen

Regarding the smart watch screen, the model Active ends up having the same measures and frame of the versions Classic and Sport, with 46mm. It has a 1.39 inch screen with 454 x 454 resolution, AMOLED HD, color, and with touch screen.

J the model Elegant enough for those who want something more discreet and more premium, with a 42mm ceramic frame and an AMOLED HD screen colorful, but 1.2 inches and 390 x 390 resolution.

The battery that makes the difference

Active's battery can last up to two weeks, and Elegant's, one weekActive's battery can last up to two weeks, and Elegant's, one week

What allows the Huawei Watch GT offers a super long battery that the device has a double chipset. It is responsible for maintaining the energy savings of the watch and is thus able to increase performance and efficiency while managing and maximizing the duration this battery.

With this, it guarantees up to two weeks in common use. This use includes many routine features such as the use of the heart rate monitor, 90 minutes of exercise per week, message notifications, and all with use throughout the day and rest at night. When used without monitoring physical activities, that is, just like a regular watch, this battery lasts up to 30 days.

The new model Active, just like previous models, Sport and Classic, have this very promising advantage. But the verse Elegant decrease this time a little for a week.

New for athlete

The two new models of the smartwatch they also have a very useful resource for those who are already athletes. the way Triathlon, which offers three different types of physical activities: swimming in open sea, cycling and finally, running. Professional athletes or even those who are starting to train in this category have an extra incentive and a more complete management tool.

The Active model for those who practice regular exerciseThe Active model for those who practice regular exercise

It records the entire circuit covered and provides information on the transition time between activities. For those who have already purchased the models Classic or Sport, the company announced that this feature will also reach previous editions through an update.

Heart monitoring 24 hours a day

Huawei's smart watch features a 24-hour cardiac monitoring functionHuawei's smart watch features a 24-hour cardiac monitoring function

One of the highlights of the smart watch is cardiac monitoring, performed by the function Huawei TruSeen 3.0. With it it is possible to have records and follow-up of the user's cardiac activities at all times, 24 hours a day, both during exercise and at rest. This is one of the features that is most advantageous with long-life battery technology.

This monitoring is done with a high precision, and for that he takes advantage of the device's design and artificial intelligence resources. It happens in real time and in the model Sport this will be used to give the user an idea of ??the intensity of each physical activity through a previously added heart rate range. When not performing any physical activity, the user still has control of their beats automatically.

The Elegant model focuses on eleganceThe Elegant model focuses on elegance

In addition to maintaining this frequency always monitored, the Huawei Watch GT still has the technology TruSleep 2.0, which offers user it is a tool for monitoring sleep as well. That way he can identify the quality sleep, interference and routine problems at night, in addition to offering more than 200 tips and suggestions so that these problems can be solved. Complete management combines both breathing rate and heart rate during sleep.

Design details

Active has orange or dark green bracelet options, while Elegant has black or white optionsActive has orange or dark green bracelet options, while Elegant has black or white options

Both new models, Active and Elegant, are available in black and white. But the visual is one of the great differentials in the model Elegant, 42mm. This is because the colors of this model go through a ceramic dyeing process, making the look more elegant.

In addition, the white color of the Elegant it has a diamond-level cutting process and as a result, small triangular cuts can reflect a variety of colors when they reflect light at different angles.

Both have several face models, which can be chosen through taste or use, such as at work or training. These faces will also reach the models Classic and Sport with the update. Regarding the bracelets, the options are orange and dark green for the Active, and black or white for the Elegant.

The new versions of Huawei Watch GT have already been launched on Europe, but not yet date launch here at Brazil. For more information, just access the Huawei page.

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