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How to translate PDF / Word documents online in 3 steps

Check out one of the most practical methods to translate an entire file or document from PDF, DOCX, ODS, XML, TXT, PPTX, XLS online

There is nothing more annoying when you search for a book / article on the internet and the file is in another language that is not of your understanding. Thus, with the aim of optimize and do not frustrate users who do not know much of the foreign language, whether English, Spanish, French or Japanese, the site Online Doc Translator promises to help in a simple way translate online their documents, articles and entire books in .PDF / Word format, among other formats.

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O Online Doc Translator a very useful and practical website for those who need it translate PDF / Word documents without losing the layout and so online. The online platform uses the technology of Google Translate to do the translation of texts for several languages. The differential of the site that maintains all the formatting, such as graphs, tables, etc. Another reason to use this online translation tool is that there is no limit on the number of pages to be translated.

Enter the Online Doc Translator website to start translation.

How to translate your PDF / Word document online

Step 1: After opening the site, click "Send a file" or "Drag and drop" to start the translation process. Choose the desired format, among the following supported by the platform: doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .xml, .xls, .ods.

A simple way to translate your PDF / Word online.A simple way to translate your PDF / Word online

Step 2: After uploading your entire document to be translated online, scroll down a bit and select the original language or wait until the site automatically recognizes the original language of the document pdf, docx, or another format supported by the site.

Right after, select the desired language for your new document / article on the right side. That done, just click the button "Translate" and wait for your file to be translated online, fast and without no program.

Translate to multiple languages ??with the efficiency of Google Translate.

Step 3: Finally, click ?Download your document translated" and enjoy your document with the intended language and do not let another foreign language interfere with your knowledge and curiosity.

An efficient method of translating a document online and without programs.

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