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How to transcribe iPhone voice memos to text in minutes

Learn how to transcribe, edit and share iPhone voice memos in minutes and save your memories and ideas quickly

Just think about the situation: You are driving under intense traffic and, suddenly, you are faced with the need to take note of important ideas and thoughts that you cannot risk forgetting. Fortunately you have your iPhone Hands are easy, but making manual notes on these occasions is not exactly practical, much less safe or comfortable. The output, in this way, would be to dictate the note to the recorder.

With your internal microphone iPhone you can quickly save that mental note and create a reminder that will keep you from forgetting. The most practical tool, therefore, for unexpected situations is this: recording memos.

Users of iPhone most likely they have already made use of the recorder in memo apps their insights or reminders. What they certainly realized in this context is that the quality of the recording is usually quite good.

These saved mental notes simplify life in many ways as seen. It is possible to take note not only of sudden and random thoughts while walking, but also to use it for essentially professional activities, such as interviews, or saving audio from lectures, business meetings, presentations and classes. Besides, of course, shopping lists or a very long and tedious call.

Now imagine the following: that while you are making these sound recordings, an installed assistant will convert these audio files into texts simultaneously, in a few minutes. Great, huh?

Record voice and other sounds on iPhone using the Voice Memos app

The recording app is usually quite underestimated by users. However, it is an excellent application that provides excellent features that are very easy to use. Learn how to record voice or other sounds on iPhone:

Step 1: Open the voice recording app on your iPhone:

Step 2: To start recording, just press the red button, and when you are finished, press it again;

After this procedure, you can listen to the sound message that has been recorded. If it is understandable and you have not forgotten anything, you can close;

Step 3: If it is the case to delete the record to redo or edit it, click on the three balls shown below to open the editing tools:

Share voice notes with other users and transcribe a record

The options for sharing memos with others are quite varied. You can send it by e-mail, by message via Whatsapp, social networks or transferring it to your PC or Mac.

Step 1: Open the recorder on your phone and select the file you want to share;

Once saved, select the file

Step 2: Then select the transfer icon (the square with an arrow up);

In the three dots, open the settings to edit

Step 3: The next step is to choose how you want to share it. If you are on the team of people who prefer to send e-mails with voice messages a thousand times instead of having to type everything you want to say, this tool is a hand in the wheel;

The audio file saved in .m4a is compatible with virtually all newer OSes, so there is no reason to have trouble converting it to text.

Transfer my voice notes to Windows or Mac

Using your computer's recorder iPhone, at one time or another you ask yourself how to transfer this file to your PC / Mac?

Whether you want to send the file to a PC or a Mac, you can use the iTunes, just like you do to sync music. To do this, simply connect your iPhone or iPod to the computer and open the iTunes. Then follow this path: Audio section> Include memos> Apply. Okay, now your notes will all be saved in iTunes!

Transcribing your voice notes online

As mentioned above, there is a tool that will help you to optimize your activities. This is the Audext convert audio to text, an excellent tool for converting sounds to text.

Audext, audio to text converter

It's quite simple. Just log in to the platform Audext, select the file you want to transcribe. insert a name and you will have a practically irreplaceable recording.

If you do not have a computer that you can use, you can do this same procedure directly from your computer. iPhone. Audext a tool that came to help, and to stay!

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