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How to check flight status on iOS

IOS does have several features. Some of them are not always highlighted, making many users not even know they exist. In this article, we?ll show you how to check the flight status on iOS, natively on the system, through Search (or Spotlight).

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Probably, if you went to travel, pick up a relative at the airport, or for some reason, needed / wanted to monitor the situation of a flight, you looked for an application or website that offered the service, right?

However, iOS has evolved, and with it the native Search function gets more and more powerful. In addition to seeking the contents of the iPhone,Spotlight it also displays results from different available sources: apps, websites, maps? including details about flights.

To obtain information about a particular flight, follow the steps below:

1 On the home screen, slide your finger down. The Search will be displayed.

2 Enter the flight code.

3 Touch the desired option; flight details will be displayed.

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