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Google map Polish road holes

Google from Poland announced today to start collecting information about the technical condition of the roads, which will allow Google Maps users to use the ?avoid road potholes? mode.



The service will be integrated with Android and use the accelerometer of the devices to detect shocks induced by unknown holes and send the information to Google, which will add the hole to the database. The function also has a social purpose: you can enter the group of people who had their suspension damaged in the same hole, for example.


The company is studying, in the long term, to help improve the infrastructure of the roads. To cover the costs, two new services will be launched: Google AdSense for Roads and Google AdWords for Asphalt. Install an LCD screen on the back of your car to participate in the program and earn money by displaying contextual advertisements for drivers.


Google AdWords for Asphalt uses advanced algorithms to display ads.


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