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Google Goggles translates text from images

The Houaiss dictionary defines communication, among other things, as to transmit a message and eventually receive another message in response. A simple and perfect definition.

With the advent of the internet, and, consequently, the ease with which it allows us to get in touch with people from different parts of the world, even without leaving home (whether through social networks, email exchanges, discussion forums … ), the concern about our ability to communicate with people from other languages ??gained unimaginable importance a few years ago.

According to a survey carried out by Veja magazine, in its edition number 2163, a complete first-level English course does not cost less than R $ 50 thousand reais. Today, this value differs from the reality of the vast majority of the Brazilian population.

Today, according to the magazine, 1.7 billion people use the internet. How will we be able to communicate, with 6,909* Different languages ??around the world?

Currently available in 52 languages, Google Translate (or Google Translate) is by far the most widely used translation tool on the world internet. The application allows, in addition to texts inserted by users on the service page, for users to translate any web page and any type of text file.

Making use of all the processing power of Google's servers, the service is able to translate, in less than a second, any text that the user wishes, into one of the 52 supported languages.

In addition to a world library available to users, Google also has a mobile version of the tool, which makes it possible to translate texts via mobile phones and tablets. Thus, if the user is in a restaurant, in a country whose language he does not speak, he can withdraw his gadget, type in the menu options, and know how to choose what he wants to eat.

But wouldn't it be much easier if the user could simply point the cell phone camera at the menu, select the part of the menu that wants to know the meaning, photograph it and have the translated text on the phone screen?

As we announced in February, Google just launched, through Google Goggles, Goggles translation. It does exactly what I just described above. Point, select, photograph and read. : D

It uses OCR (optical character recognition), the system converts the text of the image to its original language, and then, using Google Translate, performs the translation into the desired language.

In the first public version available, the system is able to recognize texts in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. But, according to the development team, there is a great effort to add recognition of other languages ??functionality.

Goggles translation is available for cell phone users with Android Operating System 1.6 or higher. The installation can be done through the Android Market, searching for ?Google Goggles?.

According to Veja, in 2020 there will be approximately 3.8 billion internet users. At this point, Google plans to make Google Translator available for 250 languages. Good translations for you … 🙂

* Ethnologue: Languages ??of the World

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