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GBox for Instagram: pump the net with the features of this app

With GBox, you can prepare your photos in different ways for publication on Instagram

G is long gone when the Instagram it was just for you to post a photo, always square, with the filters provided by the application itself and maybe add a border or not. Nowadays, the application has become one of the most important social networks on the planet and has publications in several ways.

Forgetting a little Stories, which have already become part of our daily routine, the Instagram timeline has become a real space to express not only the beauty of the photos, but the creativity of the user.

And how to prepare now to publish your photos carefully made for your followers to see, like and comment on? what comes in GBox, formerly known as Grambox.

Instagram Grambox

To be successful on Instagram

A lot of things Instagram already does today. But having all this and a little more in one place is a nice advantage, isn't it? that's why there is GBox. The application, available for free to iOS and Android (with more tool options for the Google), provides several tools to diversify the way users post their photos on Instagram.

>> Download GBox for Android.

>> Download GBox for iOS.

Presented as the first toolbox for the photo and video sharing application, the GBox comes with great options to increase your life on social networks. Know them:

Slide photo

This is a great tool for those panoramic photos, which we love to take on trips or in amazing landscapes in our own cities. With it, the application transforms your single photo too long and divides it into several squares, creating an album that is seen on Instagram sliding the image sideways. The image is not small and gives a perfect feeling of continuity, since the GBox nothing is lost in the image when cutting.

Uncut publishing

This is a tool already known to the most loyal users in the Instagram (and especially the older ones, from the time that everything had to be published in square format). With it, you can publish a photo that is not square or not the right size to be published rectangularly without losing anything. O GBox complete what is missing in the image with enough white parts for the photo to arrive timeline (timeline, in English) from the uncut user.


This other widely used tool, mainly by digital influencers and some brands present in the Instagram. With the Grid, the user can publish a large photo and divide it into up to 9 different images, assembling a kind of mosaic seen in full on his profile page.

Gbox grid function demonstrationWith the grid function, you can divide your photo into several parts to post


In addition to all the publishing tools, the GBox it also adds an effect to the image that has been used a lot. Called Glitch, the filter not available in the Instagram and can be used free of charge as GBox.

More tools

In addition to all that GBox offers, it still makes available to the user other tools already common in other applications or even in the Instagram. the case of the Video Splitter, which shares a long video so that nothing is lost when publishing on the Stories of the user.

How GBox you can also do reposts from other users using that small tag with the name of Instagram original photo.

Gbox repost functionThe Repost function gives you more agility when sharing what you want

Still with the GBox, for the most nostalgic, you can make that old memory of the publications that most pumped in your profile with the Top 9, generally more used at the end of each year.

That is, the GBox a real hand on the wheel for more frequent users than Instagram, digital influencers or even for those who just want to leave their timeline beautiful, cohesive and artistic. Everything in one place, easy and simple to use.

Installed and started using the Gbox? Tell us here in the comments what you think.

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