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Galaxy 11: new leaks indicate major redesigns and the name Galaxy S20

Rumors indicate that the Galaxy S20 will have a 108MP camera and 5,000 mAh battery; see all details

The Korean blog Naver released, on the last day 5, new information that reinforces the rumors that the next smartphone of Samsung don't call yourself Galaxy S11, but yes Galaxy S20, and it would have revolutionary technologies.

The movement probably comes to heat up the premium smartphone market, since in recent times they have been stagnant and with ?slow growth? of the ?Galaxy S?According to the specialized media.

According to the founder of the cell phone cover company Harmless Karl in the Twitter, the new devices of the ?S? line should be called Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra. J o Ice Universe, very famous for its ?accurate? leaks, also confirms that the nomenclature Galaxy S20 is correct and that the name has to do with the year 2020, saying that "20 means a new beginning"


Leaked images of the Galaxy S20 models indicate that they turn blue, gray and black (Photo: OnLeaks)Leaked images of the Galaxy S20 models indicate that they turn blue, gray and black (Photo: OnLeaks)

The images show a curved screen, with the front camera positioned in a notch at the top, while at the rear there is a rectangular space for sensors that can be up to five.

The edges have also been reduced, further increasing the infinite display, which in turn comes in sizes 6.2 ?, 6.7 ? and 6.9 ? inches for models Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, respectively. In addition, images leaked by OnLeaks suggest that they turn blue, gray and black (photo above).

J o GSMArena had access to images of alleged original accessories from Samsung, which should come in black, pink, blue and cream.


The Galaxy S20 should have a camera with up to five sensors (Photo: OnLeaks / Blog Naver)The Galaxy S20 should have a camera with up to five sensors (Photo: OnLeaks / Blog Naver)

According to some information leaked a few weeks ago, the cameras will also undergo major changes. It is estimated that, for the first time on a mobile device from Samsung, the rear main camera will have 108 megapixels.

The sensor was developed by itself Samsung in November of last year, but largely providing the sensor for the Mi Note 10 gives Xiaomi. The idea is that it is able to condense nine regular pixels into a single ?super pixel?, giving an image with a high level of sharpness.

The most ?advanced? models like the Galaxy S20 Plus there will be five cameras, and it is speculated that, in addition to the main one, they will be Wide, Ultra Wide, Macro and Tof Sensor.

The videos can be shot up to 8K on a Quad HD screen. In addition, the information that the screen refresh rate would be 120 Hz, but the aforementioned Ice Universe said on Twitter that the S20 should reach the market with a 60 Hz screen, giving a ?bucket of cold water? to those who expected a more robust rate. However, the S20 Plus it's the S20 Ultra, perhaps, arrive at 120 Hz.


Supposed original Samsung cases (Photo: GSMArena)Supposed original Samsung cases (Photo: GSMArena)

As for the battery, the information that it would have 5,000 mAh with fast charging of 25W, also being the largest capacity among the top models of the line Samsung Electronics. For comparison, the Galaxy S10 Plus it's the Galaxy Note 10 Plus have 4,100 and 4,300 mAh, respectively.

Most likely, the choice for the large capacity battery is also due to the arrival of the 5G internet coupled with the likely increase in the update rate, which will inevitably consume more of the battery. It is worth mentioning that it also leaked the information that its processor will be a Snapdragon 865 or an Exynos 990.

Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Bloom

The alt attribute for this image is empty. The file name Samsung-Galaxy-Bloom_02.jpg Image that is circulating on the internet about the new Galaxy Bloom (on the right), compared to the Galaxy Fold (on the left). Photo: Reproduction

The leaks also indicate that the Samsung go to advertise, along with the Galaxy S20, a new foldable smartphone.

According to AjuNews, the CEO of Samsung, Kwon Oh-Hyun (DJ Koh), presented the product as ?Galaxy Bloom?At a private event during the CES 2020, and how Galaxy Fold 2, as was speculated until then.

The information is that it is aimed at women in their 20s and, for that reason, the Korean giant purposely chose its design to be similar to Lancome's makeup case.

Another low-resolution image leaked showing the Galaxy Bloom (Photo: AjuNews)

When opened, the screen is 7.3 inches long and when folded in half it is very small in size to facilitate transport in the pockets of pants, for example.

THE Samsung did not comment on the matter, but released the official date for the announcement of the new generation of smartphones: February 11.

And you? What is your opinion about the Galaxy S20? Do you think the leaks will be officially confirmed by Samsung? We will be present at the launch in So Francisco, and we will bring you all the news first hand!

Source: Blog Naver, Hankyung;

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