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Elementary OS store now supports Flatpak

Elementary OS store now supports packages Flatpak, and system users will be able to install apps in this format in an uncomplicated way. appcenter-elementary-linux-flatpak-store-package-juno-sideload-flathub-of-graphical-interface-program-app-software-free-open-source-base-ubuntu

Elementary OS has been rated for years as the most beautiful Linux distribution, owner of a graphical interface that is heavily inspired by Aqua (macOS), the Ubuntu-based distro has just taken another significant step. For those who do not accompany elementary OS, know that your claim goes beyond being just another Linux distro, so that an entire ecosystem / platform was created around the distribution. The following video explains a little more about the topic.

There are those who say that the Deepin store is the most beautiful among the diverse opinions of the Linux world, I particularly like the simplicity of the AppCenter (elementary OS store). The idea of ??offering the possibility of donations within the store itself is something that catches my attention. Obviously, there are many shortcomings in the store's design and even the absence of some features. THE AppCenter was made available to users of the distro in 2017, and small implementations have been added since then. At least the times I used it, no substantial changes popped out of my eyes.

Now an interesting feature is now part of the elementary OS store, we announced this decision and wrote a post entitled Why did elementary OS choose Flatpak?, visit and learn more about this choice. In the last update, the store now supports the installation of packages in this format. As expected, those responsible for the system have a complete quality control, and through their app curation, they select applications with the elementary seal. Initially there seem to be very few programs in the Flatpak format in your store, at least I found none when searching, however, it is possible to add the Flathub repository and enjoy a considerable range of applications. appcenter-elementary-linux-flatpak-store-package-juno-sideload-flathub-of-graphical-interface-program-app-software-free-open-source-base-ubuntu

Unlike Linux Mint, which defaults to the Flathub repository, elementary only contacted those responsible for the platform to easily integrate the addiction into its AppCenter.

appcenter-elementary-linux-flatpak-store-package-juno-sideload-flathub-of-graphical-interface-program-app-software-free-open-source-base-ubuntu Even if it comes by default in the system, just click on Install on the program page on Flathub, download the file .flatpakref occur, then perform the installation with the help of the app Sideload, and the repository will be added to the system (as well informs the flatpak configuration page).

However, in practice, the Sideload is not yet installed by default. I downloaded the file and after clicking on it, the text app that opens. If you need to install the package:

sudo apt install io.elementary.sideload

Then it was enough to install the file using Sideload (translated for side loading), check the option that understood that it was not an unreliable cured app and click on Install anyway.


Initially the program did not appear on the menu or in the store. I restarted and the program was on the menu. It is worth noting that the store is able to differentiate when there is more than one application in different formats and in the repositories. Another detail, it will not be mandatory to restart the system or log out of each new program installed in Flatpak, nor download the file .flatpakref. You can use the store for this, and in the future more features are expected for Flatpak in the AppCenter.

Check out this new feature in practice:

The new implementation, so it is common for the system not to be completely round with this integration with the Flatpaks. Only Flathub is supported and does not have, at least for now, how to add third party repositories. Flathub is famous for concentrating the largest variety of programs in this format, but it is not the only source. Developers can offer their applications outside of it, an example being Nintendo 3DS Citra emulator. The Citra repository is not yet supported by AppCenter, to obtain the software on elementary OS other means, such as the terminal, must be used.

Are you a user of elementary OS? Can you check out Flatpak support on the AppCenter? Leave your experiences with this brand new feature in the comments.

Until the next post, I'll wait for you here on the blog Diolinux, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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