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DJI surprises with Osmo Pocket, a pocket camera

DJI launches the smallest three-axis stabilizer camera in the world designed to document your travels, family events and adventures

THE DJI today announced the Osmo Pocket, a camera with highly compact three-axis stabilizer. Designed to be easy to use, the Osmo Pocket it houses a multitude of smart features to capture creative photos and videos in a portable way.

The novelty was presented at an event in New York as an integrated camera similar to Osmo and Osmo +, for not having the need for a smartphone or action cam.

DJI lana Osmo PocketOsmo Pocket the smallest camera with three-axis stabilizer on the market

Osmo Pocket by DJI brings clear and stable videos

Smaller than a remote control, Osmo Pocket is the smallest camera with three-axis stabilizer ever produced by DJI. It redefines the brand's family of portable stabilizers, offering features never before seen in such a compact product.

Its 1 / 2.3 inch sensor records photos in 12 megapixels and 4K video with up to 60fps at 100 Mbps offering rich details. The Osmo Pocket also has integrated dual microphones and advanced noise cancellation algorithms, ensuring that the sound is recorded with high quality and the battery life allows up to two hours of 4K video recording at 30 fps.

Another differential of the new camera is in the stabilizer technology. The state-of-the-art three-axis mechanical stabilizer stabilizes movements, providing sharpness so you can focus on recording and your target. Whether taking photos on your vacation or recording special holiday moments.

Simple and smart

Designed with ease of use in mind, Osmo Pocket allows you to create stable cinematographic recordings and also stimulates creativity. The stabilized camera consists of an integrated 1-inch touch screen, providing high quality live streams, as well as allowing you to choose from your preferred recording modes, adjust settings, review recordings and gain access to a set of creative features.

Check out some resources available:

ActiveTrack – DJI's image recognition algorithms allow Osmo Pocket to recognize and track objects of your choice, perfect for capturing family moments easily with a simple touch.

FaceTrack – FaceTrack takes ActiveTrack to the next level. When enhancing ActiveTrack algorithms, the tool automatically recognizes human faces and always tries to keep them framed in the center of the screen. While not being able to identify individual faces, the feature keeps the camera centered on one. To activate FaceTrack, simply select Selfie mode and the camera will detect your face.

Timelapse & Motionlapse – If you are trying to transform minutes into seconds, the perfect Timelapse for capturing unique content and achieving the effect of passing time. Motionlapse adds the dynamic movement element of the camera to your Timelapse.

FPV Mode – FPV (First Person View) mode helps you capture the greatest adventures when recording videos from your own perspective. Rather than locking the stabilizer to maintain the horizon line, the FPV mode guides the camera to follow your every tilt and movement, providing dynamic recordings that are faithful to your experience.

Panorama 3 × 3 & 180– Osmo Pocket offers two Panormicas modes to capture wide breathtaking photos. 3 × 3 mode captures a total of 9 images, while 180 mode captures a total of 4 images. The Osmo Pocket software automatically groups them so you can focus on framing the scene.

Enjoy the full potential of Osmo Pocket

A universal input located below the screen serves as a link between smartphones with Lightning or USB-C inputs. When connecting both devices, the exclusive DJI Mimo app will open automatically and serve as a monitor, with an integrated menu and offering a variety of smart features and recording modes:

Story mode Make your video editing creative by including available music, video transitions and color. Choose one of the 10 fun models and Mimo will be in charge of controlling the camera instead. After finishing, Mimo will generate its own story, ready to be shared.

Pro Mode – If you want to get even more control over your content, Pro Mode gives you access to the exposure settings and camera settings to create the way you want, from vibrantly colored videos to long-exposure manual night shots. Whatever your desire, Osmo Pocket and DJI Mimo allow you to explore and expand your creativity. Osmo Pocket automatically detects and illuminates scenes in low light, providing vibrant photos. This eliminates the need for a trip, making it possible to rely on the stabilizer to keep the camera stable, enabling a shutter speed of up to three seconds. Illuminate the dark or capture the movement of light in the form of beams of light. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Price and availability

However, the official price ofBrazilhas not yet been released, although we know that there is no forecast for commercialization in the country.