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Check out some of the highlights of the Mobile World Congress 2016

MWC 2016 is coming to an end and the legacy of a new generation of gadgets that will soon be incorporated into the reality of consumers

THE Mobile World Congress 2016reached the end and the event once again presented to the worldimportant mobile technology devices, in addition to propagating surprising innovations. Check out some of the event we selected for you:

Top of the line smartphone: LG G5


While most companies are betting on basically upgrading their devices, adding more power and speed, the LG really reinvented your smartphone. O LG G5 it pleased most experts around the world and it was no different with us. The new smartphone from the South Korean company innovated not only with its modular design, butbut also by launching a set of accessories that integrate with the device. (Check out our story)

Best intermediate smartphone: Sony Xperia XA


Sony may finally have found its place in the current reality of the mobile market. How Xperia XA, the Japanese company produced a balanced device in terms of price and functions. The new smartphone should be an excellent option in the competitive cell phone market, especially since it is a mid-range (intermediate) that owes little to line tops. (Check out our story)

Best smartphone accessory: Sony Xperia Ear


At first glance, the Xperia Ear it doesn?t look much different from a conventional headset, but the device is much more than that. O gadget works as a personal assistant and, through voice commands, promises to pass on information to the user, such as weather conditions, traffic and the latest news of the day. In addition, the Xperia Ear able to make calls, send messages and even search the Internet. (Check out our story)

Best Tablet: Lenovo Miix 310


Weighing only 580 grams, the versatile Lenovo Miix 310 a hybrid with 4G LTE technology for high speed internet. Costing from 269 ??euros (about 1,200 reais), this 10 inch tablet is one of the most affordable price devices featured on Mobile World Congress 2016. Although it is not ?officially?A 2 in 1, this gadget combines tablet and computer functions, integrating a removable keyboard as standard.

Best 2 in 1 device: Huawei MateBook


Often, innovating does not mean inventing something new, but reinventing a product that already exists. This is exactly what Huawei seems to have done with the MateBook. Using the good production experience that has led the company to produce good phones in recent years, the Huawei MateBook rene an attractive design like the iPad Pro with an excellent performance like that of Microsoft Surface Pro 4. All of this for a suggested price of 699 dollars (about 2800 reais). In view of this, there are those who affirm that the great challenge of Huawei be to produce enough devices to meet demand.

Best VR device: Samsung Gear 360


Despite the Virtual Reality (VR) be present in almost every corner of the Mobile World Congress 2016, there were few products designed to create content for the virtual interface.Designed to be used in any lighting conditions, the Gear 360 it is a 360 camera that allows consumers to easily create, view and share their favorite experiences through video content and photos. For virtual reality to become popular, it is imperative that there is content for this and this demand that Samsung hope your Gear 360 help solve.

Best fitness device: Garmin Vivoactive HR


One of the major drawbacks of the current crop of smartwatches tas for Android, as for Apple is in the fact that the user needs to have their smartphone close by. O GarminVivoactive HR a smartwatch fully autonomous, which eliminates the need to be connected to smartphones to work (although it can be used in this way to receive notifications).The device is able to work alone with the data collected and thus create reports and demonstrations in real time.

THE Garmin promises very complete functions for cyclists, runners, swimmers and other sportsmen. In addition to heart rate sensors, the GarminVivoactive HR it also has integrated GPS for better measurement results. The watch also features a high-resolution touch-sensitive screen with technology that allows easy viewing in bright environments even in bright sunlight. In the United States, each unit will be sold by 250 dollars (about 1,000 reais).

Best automotive technology: Ford Sync 3


One of the most iconic companies in the automotive market, Ford strives to remain relevant in a world in constant motion. During the Mobile World Congress 2016, the automaker announced the third generation of the connectivity system Sync, with new features that bring the same functionality of smartphones into cars and highly intuitive performance.

O Ford Sync 3 it allows access by voice command to several applications for daily use, in addition to speed in connection with the cell phone, entertainment and navigation resources. Platform compatible with systems CarPlay, gives Apple, and Android Auto, of Google, for interacting with new smartphones and applications. The design values ??simplicity, with fewer items on the screen to make control easier and without the need to divert the driver's attention.

In addition to faster performance, the Ford Sync 3also an improved speech recognition technology, easier to view graphics and intuitive screen commands, similar to smartphones and tablets.

Most innovative company: LeEco


A name still little known in the west to LeEco a Chinese electronics company with ?green seal ?Which produces set-top boxes for television and smartphones. More than that, the company has stood out for being a true ?innovation factory?. The company recently announced a partnership with Aston Martin to develop the brand's first electric vehicle.

In addition, LeEco announced, during the Mobile World Congress 2016, who is also working on a series of smart bikes, that can offer cyclists a navigation system, a mileage calculation, alarm, automatic lights and other useful functions for traffic.For all this, LeEco is a company worth following the next steps (or pedaling).

Mobile World Congress 2016


THE Mobile World Congress 2016it has reached its end, leaving as a legacy a new generation of mobile devices that should gradually be incorporated into the reality of consumers. The highlights we pointed out are just a few of the various gadgets that were launched during the event. Do you know any products that should be on our list? Tell us!