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Check out some iOS 12 news that Apple did not comment on today’s keynote

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We understand, Apple. Of course, you needed to take ten minutes of your keynote presenting in detail all the news from Animoji (and Memoji) and, because of that, there was no time to cover other things related to iOS 12.

But fear nothing: we are here to fill this gap. So, let's take a look below at some things that Apple did not comment on iOS 12 in its keynote, but they are in the new version of the system and yes, there are some very interesting news in between.

Two faces in Face ID: iPhone X owners will finally be able to add another face to unlock the device, as shown by the Face ID setup screen on iOS 12. The feature is certainly some kind of anticipation of the feature coming to the iPad (where it makes a lot more sense for multiple users to have access to the device), but is debuting on the iPhone and certainly many users will find a use for the novelty. Ramona, it's time to shine again.

Alternative Appearance in Face ID on iOS 12Image: Rodrigo Guimares Goulart Assis

It is good to note that, for now, it is not possible to delete just one face from the iPhone; to reset Face ID, you need to delete all information and register it again.

Gestures on iPad: another indication that we may be nearing the introduction of an ?iPad X? (?) that Ma tablets will gain gestures similar to those of the iPhone X just slide up the Dock to return to the home screen or slide from the top right corner to directly access the Control Center.

Incidentally, Apple has already moved forward, too, and moved some of the items from the top bar to the ends of the screen (date / time to the left, Wi-Fi to the right), leaving the center free for a beautiful notch.

iOS 12 on iPad

Best battery info: it will now be possible to check your device's energy usage for the past ten days, instead of just the last 24 hours. More data is always a good idea, right?

Automatic strong passwords: Safari will automatically create and save strong passwords, as well as notify the user if they are repeating an existing password. In addition, the new API for password managers allow even greater integration of services such as 1Password, which can put passwords directly into the system's quick-typing bar. Finally, a new feature allows the password sharing between nearby iOS devices.

Still in relation to Safari, the browser will bring an interesting feature for auto-complete temporary codes. Do you know when you log in to an online account and she sends an SMS with a code for authentication? The browser will be able to automatically capture this code and automatically insert it into the form, you no longer need to race with the notification to save the numbers or exit the browser to read it.

Back gesture to close apps in the multitasking menu:, you can celebrate. It will no longer be accurate, first, touch and hold for only then slide upwards.

Animojis: in addition to the infamous language detection, Apple's animated dolls also detect winks. And the recordings can now be up to 30 seconds against the 10 allowed by iOS 11.

RAW support: iPad Pro models will be able to edit the raw image format natively, while other iOS devices will be able to view and manage them (but without editing features).

Encryption in FaceTime: double or group calls will be encrypted end to end. It is also worth noting that, although Apple has not commented on the keynote, group calls can also be made audio only.

Geolocation of AR objects: the new version of ARKit will allow developers and digital artists to ?pin? a creation to virtual reality somewhere on the planet to be seen by other users, which should be very useful for creating virtual works of art or for development group digital games.

Favicons on the Safari tabs: the little icons that accompany the page title on the tabs of almost every modern browser have never been part of Safari until now: the arrival of favicons allow intrusive users of this crazy internet world to locate your dozens of tabs more easily. The change holds true for both iOS and macOS, good to note.

Favicons on Safari tabs on iOS 12

Bonuses: tvOS

The Apple TV system was the most scanned of the day, with almost no presence on the keynote. But at least one new feature was not covered by Apple at the presentation: the possibility of auto-complete passwords directly from the iPhone or iPad you are using to control your set-top box.

For apps and websites that are not participating in the Zero Sign-On, be a hand on the wheel.

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These news, of course, are just a few highlights that Apple itself commented on its official pages, or were already discovered by the first developers who got their hands on the iOS 12 beta; over time, an avalanche of other details that went unnoticed more or less will reach us.

Here, of course, we will keep an eye on everything, so pay attention to our future waves of screenshots.