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CES 2020: Samsung presents Ballie, a ball-shaped assistant robot

Samsung introduces Ballie, its new personal assistant in the form of a friendly and futuristic multifunctional robot

The applications of artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT) are diverse, with possibilities for security, education, leisure, health and even just keeping company for the user. THE Samsung believes that this is the future of technology and has brought CES 2020 a novelty with the potential to combine some of these possibilities in the form of a small robot, named Ballie.

Smart Assistant

Ballie is a little robot that follows the user around the house and meets his needsBallie is a small robot that follows the user around the house and meets his needs (Reproduction: Samsung)

First presented as a personal assistant, the Ballie uses artificial intelligence technology to accompany its owner wherever they are, whether at home or office, respecting individual space and maintaining a certain distance.

The little robot approaches and gets away from the user as the person ?followed? moves, in the same way that he responds to calls and commands. As presented by HS Kim, president of Consumer Electronics at Samsung, on the stage of CES 2020, O Ballie he went and came back several times from the audience, adapting speed and direction of travel automatically and recognizing the audience's position correctly.

Ballie has a discreet look and can go unnoticed in environments

From a distance, Ballie looks like a tennis ball ... or an orange (Reproduction: Samsung)From a distance, Ballie looks like a tennis ball … or an orange (Reproduction: Samsung)

The shape similar to a tennis ball brings a discreet and functional aspect, with movement and communication by sounds that refer to the automaton BB-8 from the recent trilogy of Star Wars, and a set of sensors and a camera whose functions are to monitor the environment and record events, uniting security and leisure, as in the same way that the little robot can discreetly make a round of the house it also records moments like a camera / automatic camcorder .

Integration with IoT

President of Samsung Consumer Electronics DivisionPresident of Samsung Consumer Electronics Division

Connectivity is a high point in this futuristic assistant, being able to activate and control other smart devices that are configured to use the same network, such as opening and closing automatic curtains, turning office lights on and off, or activating cleaning devices such as a vacuum cleaner. smart p.

A feature of the Ballie the ability to perform voice activation of Bixby, proving that the interaction with the devices shipped with the company's virtual assistant Samsung be well aligned and functional, in addition to the company's clear proposal to invest heavily in wearables and IoT.

Custom interaction

Ballie suggests exercises for you! (Reproduction: Samsung)Ballie suggests exercises for you! (Reproduction: Samsung)

Other useful possibilities for using the robot are monitoring exercises through wearables and assistance to the elderly, but this function was not detailed. Also, the recognition of the human owner of the robot was not very deep, although it was clear the South Korean company's objective of transforming the way we will interact with intelligent machines in the future in a more personal way.

Promising experience

The Commission's proposal Samsung how Ballie reinforces the company's belief that we live in what they call the Era of Experience. Although no price and release date have been revealed, the Ballie have several color options, being yellow, blue, purple, green and red.

What did you think of Ballie? Would you like him to be your next "friend"? Leave it in the comments!

Source: Samsung, The Verge;

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