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CES 2020: Bosch launches sunshade with artificial intelligence that darkens alone

Bosch sunshade won the CES 2020s Innovation Awards for bringing great innovation to the automotive segment

THE Bosch, best known for the tools segment, presented at the CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show 2020) It is an anti-sunlight sunshade with artificial intelligence, an interesting solution for drivers to be able to drive more comfortably and safely without loss of visibility.

?Virtual viewfinder? is a futuristic solution for the common sun shade

The sunshade darkens specific points to allow partial blocking of brightness (Reproduction: Bosch)The sunshade darkens specific points to allow partial blocking of brightness (Reproduction: Bosch)

Using artificial intelligence, trained to recognize the structures of the human head and positioning of the eyes, nose and mouth, the sunshade, comprising a transparent LCD screen and hexagonal lines organized like honeycombs in a bee hive, can perceive through of a front camera, the position of the sun in relation to the driver and to darken the necessary amount of hexagons so that the direct light does not disturb the vision, being made the shadow only in the driver's eye range, without completely blocking the visibility in the place that the screen was fixed, logically in the position of the sunshade.

Sunshade has auto-adjustment and shading adaptation

Bosch demonstration at CES 2020 (Reproduction: Engadget)Bosch demonstration at CES 2020 (Reproduction: Engadget)

In addition to blocking the light, the screen is also able to follow the movement of the driver's head, also through a camera facing the vehicle interior, and adapt to the light automatically and constantly so that nothing gets in the way while driving, completely eliminating the need for manual adjustments, especially with the vehicle in motion.

Side project

The prototype was a success and the Virtual Visor project was awarded for its innovation.

The ?virtual display? project was developed from an LCD panel that would be discarded and old computers. With engineer Jason Zink and two other colleagues using their free time and in parallel with their routine work at Bosch, the prototype surprised the company enough to make the idea one of the great announcements and innovations brought by the company in CES this year, earning the innovation award CES 2020s Innovation Awards, for bringing a great innovation to the automotive segment, mainly being an accessory of the vehicles that remained untouched in its main design and function until today.

Natural handicap to be overcome

LCD's natural fragility is a challenge to be overcome (Reproduction: CNET)LCD's natural fragility is a challenge to be overcome (Reproduction: CNET)

The main weakness to be worked on in the smart sunshade of Bosch It is precisely the physical characteristic of the product, since the LCD panels are very fragile and can be damaged with less careful handling. For this reason, the company's ?Virtual Visor? needs to solve some production problems, including its still very high cost. THE Bosch did not enter a date or amount for your sunshade, if it becomes available one day.

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