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CES 2019: Samsung launches new generation of Family Hub refrigerators

South Korean smart refrigerators will have Bixby integration, note pad and suggested recipes based on available food

THE Samsung announced today (09) at CES 2019 the new generation of its line refrigerators Family Hub. The new models are configured as smart refrigerators, with IoT and AI resources. Among the highlights of the new generation, is the implementation of Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant.

Refrigerator not just to cool

CES 2019: Samsung launches new generation of Family Hub refrigeratorsNew generation of Family Hub refrigerators announced at CES

In the third generation of Family Hub refrigerators, Samsung wants to strengthen the idea of kitchen as a connected and interactive environment between individuals. The news presented at CES 2019 they bring new applications and ways to use the refrigerator, in addition to preserving food.

One of the new applications Family Board, a table of notes for the whole family to use. It is possible to put notes, photos and make doodles. At the Family Board there are stickers. At figurines I will take over the world! The background of the table can also be changed to the best color that matches the kitchen.

CES 2019: Samsung launches new generation of Family Hub refrigeratorsFamily Board innovates in the form of interaction with the refrigerator

Bixby wins prominence at CES 2019

But the biggest highlight of this new generation is the introduction of Bixby. The voice assistant allows you to greatly expand the functionality of the refrigerators.

The user can ask for a morning summary, with calendar information, weather and news. In addition, Bixby can differentiate the voice of each resident in the house, offering unique interactions.

When we first launched Family Hub three years ago, it was an application-based experience and anchored in food management, family connections and entertainment, says John Herrington, senior vice president and general manager of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics America.

Today we are presenting the latest version of the Family Hub with Bixby and its Artificial Intelligence features. Bixby now offers a new level of connectivity and intelligence, designed to make everyday tasks much easier. When combined with our new Family Board, Family Hub is the perfect combination of comfort and connectivity.

To foster integration between devices, the new generation of Samsung Family Hub refrigerators can to control SmartThings devices by Bixby. a real smart and multipurpose refrigerator.

A refrigerator that cares about food

Family Hub also uses its technologies to help users better conserve food. One of the most innovative features is View Inside (See Inside, in Portuguese), allowing view the interior of the refrigerator without having to open, such as through the smartphone. In addition, product expiration updates are sent to residents.

To help family health, in 2019 the Meal Planner application be launched to collaborate in the fulfillment of an ideal diet. The recipes are suggested based on the family's food preferences, taking into account the nutritional needs of each one, in addition to considering the items present in the refrigerator.

There is still no forecast for the launch date of the new generation of Family Hub refrigerators in Brazil, but stay tuned to Showmetech for news!

Source: Samsung News

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