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CES 2019: Ford shows smart system with ‘connected’ cars

Carmaker showed at CES 2019 the beginning of its project with cars that "talk" to each other and to the city around them, technology gets its name from C-V2X.

THE Ford demonstrated the start of his ambitious project in CES 2019. New technology is codenamed C-V2X (something like vehicle communication with everything), with smart and cloud-connected cars with cities, cell phones and other cars. The company expects that, starting in 2022, all its cars will leave the factory with the new product shipped.

The C-V2X was designed to operate with the 5G cellular network, which is advancing rapidly. It will allow direct communication between the connected devices. It also accesses other driver assistance systems, such as radar sensors or city cameras, which use similar computational processes. Indirect C-V2X communications (from the vehicle to the network and everything in between) are the next step in the evolution of connected autonomous cars and will be available soon.

The novelty in the future will allow autonomous cars to talk to each other and learn many of the everyday situations in cities. Like traffic, for example, how long does it take for the trip to get cold, if the wife coming by train gets home earlier than the user in the car or if there is an ambulance nearby to indicate the care for that accident you just went through .

Ford News at CES 2019Cars connect with the city, cell phone and even other cars

To create a comprehensive transport network capable of connecting the different mobility options, Autonomic created the platform called Transportation Mobility Cloud. It manages the flow of information and the basic transactions of the ecosystem formed by service providers, personal vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, mass transit systems and city infrastructure, including traffic lights and parking spaces.

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?A normative environment conducive to the implementation of the C-V2X is needed, so we work with both industry and government agencies to create a technology neutral environment. This technology would only reach its full potential if many vehicles and the infrastructure would come to use it. That is why we are inviting other automakers, infrastructure operators and highways, as well as government agencies, to work with us to accelerate the progress of the C-V2X, highlights Don Butler.

Qualcomm's partner Ford for the implementation of C-V2X spots throughout Las Vegas. The city will be the first in the world to test the system. The company also informed that it continues to expand in the American market the performance of Electric Scooters Spin, a startup bought in 2018 by the company.

Considering the large number of services currently offered, from shared rides and public transportation to bicycle and scooter sharing programs, building such an ecosystem is not a task for just one company, says Marcy Klevorn, president of Ford Mobility. I need to be open to new ideas, experiments and collaborations. So we are committed to working with different partners to really improve the way people run in our cities.