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By ECG, Apple extends Watch return period in the US

Worldwide, Apple has a return policy of your products very clear we already talked about this in a post a few years ago, inclusive. Buyers of any Ma products can return them within 14 days to receive a full refund of the purchase, as long as the items are delivered in perfect condition, with all accessories and in the original packaging (Apple gives additional instructions on this page). However, the Apple Watch is making Ma make an exception at least in his homeland.

As the MacRumors, Apple is distributing an internal document to its authorized U.S. stores and resellers indicating that they must accept Apple Watch returns up to 45 days after the date of purchase as long as the reason for the return is something related to the watch's cardiac monitoring capabilities.

No one knows exactly the precise reason for this exception in the company's return policy, but it is believed that it has something to do with the new electrocardiogram (ECG) of the Apple Watch Series 4, which will arrive soon with watchOS 5.1.2, perhaps Apple believes that users need a period of more than two weeks to test the feature and check if it really delivers what it promises.

Likewise, in watchOS 5.1.2, previous versions of the Apple Watch will feature notifications that warn users of possible changes in their heart rate (which is not as accurate or complete a solution as the ECG, but it can also help detecting possible problems); maybe that's why all models of Ma's watch are included in the policy change.

It is good to note that after 14 days of the standard returns window, buyers will not be able to simply reach an Apple store or retailer to deliver it, it will be necessary to contact Ma support in advance, indicating the reason for the rejection; only after this authorization, it will be possible to return the device.

It remains to be seen if the policy ever arrives in Brazil or the rest of the world here, we have the standard 14 days for returning the company's products, but it would be nice to have this extra window to test more properly the cardiac features of the Apple Watch. Maybe when the ECG officially arrives here? We'll have to wait and see.

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