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Apple Watch Series 4 is released with electrocardiogram

Tim Cook today announced the new Apple Watch Series 4 for prices starting at $ 399. Find out all about Apple's new smartwatches.

During an event held at Steve Jobs Theater located in California, theApple Watch Series 4was introduced to the world for the first time.Among the novelties are the screen 30% larger than the previous version and the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram, a function that was not present in anysmartwatchso far.

Check out everything about the new version of the smartwatch that, according toTim Cook, the best selling model in the world:

A new design

Confirming website leaks9to5Mac, the company redesigned theApple Watch 4to be bigger and have less edges. Following the launches already made, the new watch has two models, designed in different wrist sizes and tastes: the smaller model measures40mm (1.57 inches) and the larger screen version hits the market with44 mm(1.73 inches).

In relation to the models launched in 2017, 2 millimeters were added and the screen was 30% larger. This means a better use and space for more information to be shown. The side button also had changes as well as the rotating crown, which now also acts as a new sensor, for a very special function.

Two sizes are available: 40mm and 44mm

To facilitate and improve the quality of the connections, a microphone was inserted between the button and the digital crown. It has the function of reducing echo pickup and thus improving the quality of recorded sound. The speaker is also 50% louder.

O Apple Watch Series 4 has been optimized for telephone calls, to more easily understand the commands sent Crab, and even to serve as a Walkie-Talkie among users who have the watch. The rear now made ofsapphireas this material facilitates the operation of the sensors and improves signal reception4G.

We can say that changes in relation toApple Watch Series 3were significant. But there's still more to come:

Focus on healthy living

Electrocardiograms are one of the new features of the watch

Smartwatchescan help users to have a healthy life and the Apple Watch Series 4 wants to take that possibility to a new level. The new watch is able to perform cardiac measurements, detect and warn of falls by the user himself (if you select an emergency contact) and, in a novelty never seen before in a werarable, it can perform electrocardiogramsto be sent to your doctor.

To be able to measure your heart rate, just hold the digital crown for 30 seconds. Thanks to the application integrationECG,you will quickly have information about your body. It will also notify you if your blood pressure is below normal, indicating possible health problems.

Apple Watch Series 4 (15)Accelerometers and gyros also received improvements

To be able to detect the possible falls, accelerometers and gyroscopes have also been improved, and are now eight times faster at capturing and understanding user movements. Upon detecting that the user has fallen, a notification is sent to a previously registered trust contact. The resource can be especially interesting for the elderly and people who live alone, but need supervision.

OwatchOS5, system that controls how the watch works, it also allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts through theApple Podcasts.Using the appDexcom you can also monitor your glucose level; It is likeStreaks you check the daily progress of your tasks. All of this being done without the aid of aiPhone, just using theApple Watch.

Even more performance

Apple Watch Series 4 (14)

For this model, the company developed the newprocessorS4, which is twice as fast.

The battery has a maximum duration of 18 hours, varying according to use. The company has a major adversary in terms of energy, since the recently announcedGalaxy WatchgivesSamsung has a battery that allows you to stay active for up to 80 hours.

Resistance to water and dust has not been neglected. As in the previous version, you can use the Apple Watch 4 in the water and even register swimming training, as it has IP68 certification.

New special editions Herms and Nike will also be sold.

Apple Watch Series 4 specifications

Check below all the technical specifications of the models:

MODEL:Apple Watch Series 4 CellularApple Watch Series 4
SIZE:40mm and 44mm
SCREEN:30% higher30% higher
4G / LTE NETWORKS:GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi, 4G / LTE networksBluetooth 5.0 only, GPS and WiFi
PROCESSOR:Apple S4Apple S4
COLORS:Silver, Black (Space Gray) and Gold
PRICE:$ 499$ 399

Price and availability

All bracelets from previous models can be used in the new watch, which is available in silver, black (space gray) and gold.OApple Watch Series 4 be available for purchase from September 21st.

Prices vary according to the connectivity support, and the Apple Watch Series 4Cellular(with support for 4G / LTE networks) to be sold by$ 499.00. The model without 4G has a discount and leaves for$ 399.00. The company also announced that theWatch Series 3its price was reduced to US $ 279.00.

According to the company's history, the new watch models are expected to be launched in Brazil about two months after its worldwide announcement. Last year theApple Watch Series 3it was first shown to the world also in September, but it landed on Brazilian lands in November.

The models will begin selling this month in the United States

What did you think of the new smart watch model fromApple?What news about the previous model made you more excited? Tell us in the comments!

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