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Apple Music is coming to Amazon's Echo devices [atualizado: chegou!]

HomePod may not be the most popular smart speaker in the world, but Apple knew how to work with the competition and take advantage of the expanding market for Amazon's Echo devices. Do you know how? Providing the Apple Music for these smart speakers, as disclosed by Amazon's own blog.

With that, Apple Music subscribers will be able to enjoy the entire catalog of music from the service on Echo devices from the day December 17th supported by Amazon's virtual assistant, the Alexa (on supported devices). That is, it will be possible to ask her to play your music, albums, playlists and favorite radio stations similar to HomePod, with the Crab.

The arrival of Apple Music on Amazon devices is the result of a recent agreement between the two tech giants. The senior vice president of software and services at Apple, Eddy Cue, said to the USA Today that Ma engineers have been working on the novelty for about six months and said that she always believed in the complete Apple Music experience.

One of the things we always believe in is music and it reminds us of iTunes days trying to make services as widely available as possible. We started making it available on Windows, and you remember when hell froze. We make it available on Sonos devices and Android devices. We love the ability of people who have Echo (speakers) to listen and have the full Apple Music experience on their devices.

In addition to the streaming, this agreement could mean that Amazon distributes more Ma products through its sales channel, although the company still don't sell it smart speaker from Apple.

According to Amazon?s vice president of products and services, David Limp, the agreement with Apple only part of more features for Echo devices.

We are committed to providing excellent music providers to our customers and, since the launch of the GeeMusic API for developers in the past month, we have expanded the music selection on Alexa to include even more first-rate services. We are happy to bring Apple Music one of the most popular music services in the US to Echo customers this holiday season.

Amazon currently offers its own streaming music, Amazon Music Unlimited; however, its expressiveness in this market is small when compared to the service of Apple or Spotify. Last May, Ma announced that Apple Music surpassed the 50 million active user mark, so the deal should be beneficial to both companies, of course.

via Cult of Mac

Update by Bruno Santana 12/14/2018 s 17:25

Apparently, Amazon decided to go a little further: three days before the announced date, it is now possible to connect your Apple Music account to Echo devices in the United States, as reported by 9to5Mac.

The connection is made through the Alexa app for iOS, and the digital assistant can control the reproduction of the platform streaming of Ma through voice commands including accessing playlists or the Beats 1 radio. You can even set Apple Music as your device's default player so that it automatically accesses the service when you ask it to play specific music or something.

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