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Apple launches photo contest with iPhone 11 Night Mode; know how to participate

Five winners of the Apple photo contest will have their photos posted in the company's Newsroom gallery and on Instagram; send yours now

THE Apple announced that, between the 8th and 29th of January, it will be celebrating a photography contest to evaluate photos captured using the resource Night Mode, available on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

Among the judges will be photographers known worldwide, such as Darren Soh and Alexvi Li, in addition to the executive of the Apple, Phill Schiller. The five winning photos will be released on March 4 and will be shown in the gallery Newsroom the official website and Instagram company official.

According to the statement, images may also appear in campaigns, in the Apple Store, in billboards and on exhibitions.

How to participate in the contest?

This image was taken with Night Mode enabled using the iPhone 11 Pro Max (Photo: Eric Zhang)This image was taken with Night Mode enabled using the iPhone 11 Pro Max (Photo: Eric Zhang)

People from all over the world can participate, with the only restriction of being at least 18 years old. After registering the photo, just publish it on Instagram or in Twitter using hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #NightmodeChallenge. In the legend, the user needs to indicate which model of iPhone 11 was used.

If you wanted to send the image in high resolution, attach it to the email ?(Email protected)?, and the photo must be written in ?Firstname_nightname_mode_model_of_Phone?. The images can be edited, if the user wishes, both with the tools provided by Apple and third-party software.

It is worth saying that the Apple d tips on how you should use night mode, among them:

  • O Night Mode automatically activated in low light. If the yellow mode icon appears, it means that it is activated;
  • O Night Mode determines the capture time based on the scenario, and this time is displayed in its corresponding icon. To increase the capture time, touch the icon and adjust the slider to the maximum;
  • Support the iPhone or use a trip to achieve a longer capture time in darker environments.

Who will be the judges?

There will be ten judges who, as previously said, have names of people who are knowledgeable about the subject worldwide. Among them are:

Marlin Fezehai (United States)

She is an American photographer and reporter famous for capturing images in more than 30 countries. His photographs have appeared in famous media, such as The New York Times, Team, Nike, Malala Fund and even the United Nations. In 2015, she was the first to receive an honorary award for World Press Photo Award with a picture taken on a iPhone.

Tyler Mitchell (United States)

Tyler Mitchell was the first black photographer to have a cover on Vogue (Photo: Reproduo)

Filmmaker and photographer, he is known for seeking innovation in the photographic style, always trying to show new languages ??and aesthetics. In 2018, he made history by being the first black photographer to have a photo on the cover of the famous American magazine Vogue, and in 2019 he made his first exhibition in Amsterdam at a museum dedicated to photography.

Sarah Lee (United Kingdom)

This Englishwoman who graduated in literature from University College London in the late nineties, but who used her free time to train photography. Eventually the hobby became a profession, and she started to work for the The Guardian and The Observer since 2000, specializing in portraits. She is currently the official BAFTA photographer, considered the British Oscar, and a member of the Royal Society of the Arts.

Phil Schiller

Before starting at Apple, Phill Schiller worked as a professional photographer (Photo: Reproduction)

Schiller who helped Apple reinventing the mobile device market with the iPhone. In addition, he is also a photographer, being one of those responsible for developing the camera technology of Apple.

Are you going to send your photo to the Night Mode Challenge? Leave it in the comments!

Source: Apple Newsroom

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