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Apple increases value paid for old iPhones in exchange for new ones, in the USA

Have you heard of the program GiveBack, from Apple? This is the new name, announced in April this year, of the company's device recycling initiative; with it, Apple gives you a bonus (of pre-established value) when purchasing a new device upon delivery of your current device, which will be recycled and / or refurbished by the company.

Golden iPhone XS on its case

O GiveBack it is not officially available in Brazil, but even in the USA, it does not usually offer very attractive bonuses, almost always more advantageous to resell your old device on a classifieds website, for example. Now, Ma is trying to make this more appetizing offer with extra value for anyone interested in a new iPhone XS / XS Max / XR.

Users who deliver their old iPhones when purchasing one of the new models will win at $ 100 extra in the bonus for the purchase. The list of normal values ??offered by each device and the values ??with bonuses for the purchase of iPhones XS / XS Max / XR can be seen below:

Apple GiveBack bonus when buying XS, XS Max or XR iPhones

As you can see, the most advantageous offer is that of iPhones 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus, whose owners will receive an extra $ 100 in bonuses to purchase the new devices; other models earn increases ranging between $ 25 and $ 75. Interestingly, iPhone X and iPhone SE were left out of the game even though Apple is paying up to $ 500 for its X in good condition.

The fact that, even with the extra value, the GiveBack remains a very advantageous option from a financial point of view; on the other hand, you have the facility to simply deliver your iPhone to the store and earn the discount instantly, instead of hunting buyers and dealing with interested in classified sites in a process that often yields some white hair to all of us.

If you are in the USA and want to change your iPhone, an option to consider is you can check how much your device is worth on this page. And, of course: for those who are in national lands, the best option is to check our Used Apple price list and consider options like Brused (if you have difficulty or do not have the patience for a negotiation).

The question remains: is it that the initiative also has to do with possible consumer disinterest in the new iPhones XS / XS Max / XR? Apple certainly would not give its arm to cheer by giving a ?direct? discount on the devices (except in Japan), but considering that most potential buyers of the new devices certainly already have iPhones, the offer can be considered an indirect discount on the models .

To be?

via Cult of Mac