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Android j surpasses iPhone in traffic in the USA

According to a report released this week by AdMob, the Android platform continues to increase its popularity at a growth rate of 32% per year.

Although the iPhone continues to dominate Admob's worldwide ad network with 46%, compared to Android's second place with only 25%, within the United States Android obtained 46% of all traffic, while the iPhone showed a drop to 39 %.

The numbers demonstrate an environment that involves 18,000 websites monitored by the mobile advertising company – recently acquired by Google – and applications created by partners for Android, iPhone, webOS and Flash Lite.

The Motorola Droid (Droid) led the numbers for Android in March, accounting for 32% of all traffic based on AdMob's ad network. More interesting, however, is the news that confirms the low presence of the Nexus One in the market, registering only 2% of traffic in advertising in March.

Android fragmentation

Admob's numbers, albeit indirectly, revealed a growing problem among Android devices: the fragmentation of the platform. The report revealed that 38% of Android phones were running Android 1.5, 35% with version 2.0 or 2.1, and 26% with 1.6.

Image (credits): g1wallz