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AlterEgo: the wearable capable of hearing your inner voice and performing tasks

If you find it uncomfortable having to dictate commands aloud to your personal assistant, take a look at what AlterEgo is capable of.

We never tire of giving him surprise with new technologies. This time, we will present a wearable capable of communicating with other devices and applications through the Mind power. Learn all about AlterEgo:

AlterEgo promises to be ?your other you?

AlterEgoAlterEgo allows you to perform mathematical operations with only your inner voice.

The name AlterEgo really fit like a glove for the new wearable developed by the group MIT Fluid Interfaces. This is because, above all, no external voice commands are needed to control it. In other words, everything is done through thought.

"AlterEgo is a closed-loop, non-invasive wearable device that allows humans to converse in high-bandwidth natural language with machines, artificial intelligence assistants, services and others without any kind of voice ?explains the development team MIT.

Let's say you need to do a quick calculation, those where you don't really need a calculator, but it would be useful to have one around. How AlterEgo, all you would need to do would be to ?imagine? the task being carried out in your mind and, wearable answer you through an auditory output that is conducted via bone structure.

Checking the time has never been easier.

And that means that the answer given by the wearer is not able to obstruct your senses, which is a very important detail. In addition, the AlterEgo it doesn?t work through brain reading, as everything he interprets is vocalizations performed in our mind.

?The wearable captures electrical signals induced by sudden, but deliberate, movements caused by internal speech articulators, that is, when the user intentionally vocalizes internally?, explain the developers.

So, if the user want to know what time it is, for example, everything he needs to do say something like "Hours" or "What time is it?" in the form of thinking and awaiting the response of the AlterEgo.

Is this humanity's newest step?

AlterEgoResearch assistant Arnav Kapur browses Smart TV using AlterEgo.

With houses getting more and more intelligent, a wearable like the AlterEgo it would certainly be very useful to control them. Without even opening your mouth or moving a muscle, it would be possible to communicate with a personal assistant like Alexa or even do her job yourself.

Not to mention the various possible applications for this technology in the most diverse sectors of the industry. After all, with the connected human mind Internet, everything would become much more practical.

However, Please note that the device created by the MIT division is but a prototype. That is, everything we can do for now wait its development and hope that it will be available on the market someday.

And you, were excited about the AlterEgo? Tell us below if you find his proposal interesting for society. Oh, and, stay with the disclosure video wearable:

Source: MIT Media Lab.

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