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70% of the most searched smart TVs in November are Samsung, says Zoom

Among the ten most sought after smart TVs on Zoom platforms, seven are Samsung. 4K resolution stands out; see list

O zoom released its monthly survey that lists the most popular smart TVs on their platforms. Proving its strength in the Brazilian market, in the last month of November, when Black Friday occurred, Samsung achieved no less than three models in the first places, closing with an incredible 70% participation in the ranking.

Large screens, 4K resolution and smart

Smart TVIncreasing screens and resolutions and constant internet access are the main factors in the search for a new television

With eye-popping promotions throughout the month of November, especially in the sexta-feira Negra, the Brazilian consumer aspired to acquire a new television, ready for the current technological age. In other words: large screens, high definition resolution and constant connection to the internet, mainly for accessing applications such as Netflix and YouTube.

According to the website analyst zoom, Thiago Soares, screens larger than 50 inches and 4K resolution were the most sought after items by users of the site in November.

There are several features and imaging technologies that need attention when choosing a Smart TV. An important tip is to go to Zoom and contact the Product Specialists who are available to answer questions and advise on the most recommended model for each type of use.

Alert Thiago Soares, Zoom product specialist.

Samsung dominated

Samsung RU 7100Samsung Series 7 models, with 4K resolution and Wi-Fi access, are preferred by the Brazilian consumer.

THE Samsung dominated the list with 7 of the 10 smart TVs most sought after by Brazilians in the last month, being the first three variations of success RU7100 4K. Who dominates the 50-inch model, as Thiago Soares points out, followed by the 55-inch and 43-inch versions, respectively. The smart TV combines 4K resolution, good wired or wireless options and complete online features. Find out why it should be your first 4K:


In addition to Samsung, only LG appears with devices among the ten most searched in the zoom in November.

Smart TVs with large screens remain in preference and televisions with the technology ThinQ, the brand's Artificial Intelligence, also stand out.

The most popular TVs in November on Zoom

ModelSmaller PriceBigger PriceVariation
1Smart TV LED TV 50 ? Samsung Srie 7 4K UN50RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 1,889.10R $ 3,195.4569%
2Smart TV LED TV 55 ? Samsung Srie 7 4KUN55RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 2249.00R $ 3,784.9068%
343 ? Samsung Srie 7UN43RU7100GXZD 3 HDMI Smart TVR $ 1,706.90R $ 2,466.9045%
4Smart TV LED TV 50 ? LG 4K50UM7510PSB 4 HDMIR $ 1,799.00R $ 2,399.9033%
5Smart TV QLED TV 55 ? Samsung Q60 4K 7QN55Q60RAGXZD 4 HDMIR $ 2,999.00R $ 4,699.9057%
6Smart TV LED TV 65 ? Samsung Srie 7 4K UN65RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 3,466.55R $ 6,934.09100%
7Smart TV LED TV 43 ? LG ThinQ AIFull HD HDR Netflix 43LM6300PSB 3 HDMIR $ 1,399.00R $ 2,041.9046%
832 ? Samsung Business LH32BENELGA / ZD 2 HDMI Smart TVR $ 798.91R $ 1,199.0050%
9Smart TV LED TV 65 ? LG ThinQ AI 4K 65UM7520PSB 4 HDMIR $ 3,599.00R $ 5,277.9047%
10LED TV Smart TV 58 ? Samsung Srie 7 4K UN58RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 2,611.90R $ 4,670.9079%

Zoom Survey

Zoom is one of the largest search and price comparison sites in Brazilian retail.Zoom is one of the largest search and price comparison sites in Brazilian retail.

The collection of data from zoom it happened based on the use of its platform for research and price comparison of products in the Brazilian online retail and serves only to inform the reader and consumer about which products are most in demand, with no intention of ranking by the best or the worst.

The platform zoom can be accessed through the official website or applications to Android or iOS.

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