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You can now try virtual makeup on Pinterest

Pinterest gained a new feature based on augmented reality. Starting this week, users will be able to use the platform to test virtual makeup from brands such as Sephora, Urban Decay, NYX or Lancme.

Try On the name of this new feature developed by Lens. To launch it, just click on the camera icon that will appear in the search area. Then, press "try on" to launch the various options available for testing.

A feature worth mentioning in this new system is the inclusion of a shadow palette that combines different colors with the user's skin tone.

tek makeup

Note that Pinterest is not the first platform to offer such a tool. L'Oral, Benefit, Neutrogena and Amazon are just four of the most well-known brands that also already have similar systems.

It is also important to underline the element of authenticity with which Pinterest wants to communicate this tool. According to the company, these features will not mix any artificial beautification filters that alter the user's real anatomy or physiognomy, so that you can have a reliable idea of ??the final result.