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White label chargers can be dangerous for consumers. Fire is one of the risks

The French Consumer Association tested 20 models of white brand chargers, whose prices ranged between 1 and 35 euros on various marketplaces, and the conclusions are not encouraging. The most worrying data is related to the fact that11 of the 20 models tested have "serious defects" or become dangerous to health

The conclusions of the investigation also reveal that only four models have complied with the regulations regarding the registration of protection against electrical power surges. The less severe cases, five in total, had minor defects.

In the publication, the Association makes known which chargers are safe for consumers and, on the other hand, which ones should not be users. Check out the photo gallery.

The news comes at a time when the European Commission (EC) is evaluating the proposal for the standardization of mobile phone chargers. However, not everyone agrees with the EC measure, namely Apple, which came to challenge the proposal, arguing that technology will be the most affected.