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WatchOS 6: what to expect from the new Apple OS

Find out what's new with the newest version of the operating system for the Apple Watch, watchOS 6

The large conference of developers from Apple, WWDC, will take place in June and that is why the company's fans are already looking forward to seeing the news that the company will present during the event. One of the highlights will be the newest version of its operating system for smartphones and tablets, iOS 13. However, another system update that is also long awaited is that of watchOS, the operating system of Apple for your smart watch, the Apple Watch. O watchOS 6 It will also be revealed on the date and promises to arrive with many new features.

Although during the conference the Apple should only release the beta for developers, since the company does not usually release the test version for the public, everyone will be able to try and see up close the news of the new version of watchOS 6 in September, when it will be released to everyone. But by then, what is already known and what to expect in him again?

New faces

Version 5.2.1 of watchOS has already shown a new face for those who want to change the look of the smartwatch, however watchOS 6 promises to arrive with several different options. The novelty is not exactly a surprise, since every new generation of the system gains different faces, but we still have to know that there will be an option to change the look of the smart watch.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has a great diversity of new faces for the clock that will be arriving with the watchOS 6. Among them is one that offers a gradient color, that is, the user chooses their favorite color and the face of the watch will display that color in several gradients with a beautiful effect.

Another face that arrive, according to them, a call X-Large, for those who have difficulty seeing letters and numbers on the clock panel, and for that reason they turn in jumbo size, that is, larger.

watchOS 6 come with several new face optionswatchOS 6 come with several new face options

For those who are looking for something more classic, also have the option California, which offers numbers written in Roman and even Arabic to give that oldest watch print.

O watchOS also bring new complications, which are screen tools used to show instant information about the applications installed directly on the device screen, functioning more or less as widgets. Among the new ones will be one that shows the audiobook playing in the background, battery level, external noise level and data on rain.

More integration between watchOS 6 and Mac

This novelty comes to the use of watchOS 6 it's the macOS 10.15. They will have broader interaction and more complete integration. It is now possible to unlock the Mac from a Apple Watch for some time, but it seems that it will be possible to do more than just that when using the two devices in tune.

Apple Watch will be able to authenticate to programs on MacApple Watch will be able to authenticate to programs on Mac

Users will be able to authenticate to various programs and services in the Mac through Apple Watch rather than simply unlocking the computer. There are still no details on how to do it or what programs will be compatible with this new feature, but what is expected to use the same Touch ID present in Mac to Apple Watch.

It will also be possible that there is a new interface in the clock of the Apple much like the interface of the Apple Pay so that authentication is also possible.

A watchOS App Store on the clock

Currently the digital store for applications for the watchOS is hidden in the application Apple Watch on iOS, that is, it can only be accessed from the smartphone. However, with the watchOS 6, the store will also be available from the company's own smart watch, and can be accessed on the device without the need to use an iPhone for this.

The watchOS app store can finally be accessed via the Apple WatchThe watchOS app store can finally be accessed via the Apple Watch

This decision will be positive mainly so that developers can create apps for the watch, since many even are unaware of the store's existence on iOS. Furthermore, it will facilitate the installation process, since it will no longer be necessary to pair an iPhone and go through a more complicated process.

More apps arrive

Another very interesting novelty that is expected for the watchOS 6 the arrival of new applications. One of them being the Books to Apple Watch, that will be focused on audiobooks. It will work more or less as the Podcast application already does, and allow users to download audiobooks and listen to them directly from the Apple Watch.

THE Apple You should also add two more health related applications. The first one being Cycles, which help women to control their menstrual period and their cycles. The second Dose, which is to help people maintain control over medicines in relation to dosages and schedules.

New apps include Cycle, Dose and Voice MemoNew apps include Cycle, Dose and Voice Memo

An application that comes directly from the iPhone to the Apple Watch how watchOS 6 O Voice Memo, which allows users to record voice messages directly on the smart watch. The new operating system will also arrive with finally a calculator application for the smartwatch and support for animojis and memojis.