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Underwater scooter printed in 3D and with biodegradable materials can reach 30 km / h

Underwater electric scooters are already a reality, but the German company Jamade recently launched a model with some peculiarities. The Amazea e-scooter is based on the anatomy of dolphins and is made in part with biodegradable materials and printed in 3D, and can reach a speed of up to 19 km / h when submerged and 30 km / h, in case of sliding over water .

Osmdulosoconstrudosa from a 3D printer, in order to compose the main "body" of the scooter and some components at the front. Therefore, 75% are printed materials, with the 3.1KW motors and the lithium-ion battery being the exception.

But how deep can the model plunge into the ocean? The Amazon can descend to about 18 meters in depth and a screen of the scooter shows all the information about the trip. It is still possible to know the "whereabouts" of the model through the official app of the model.

As for the battery, it can last up to an hour, depending on the speed with which you drive the scooter. On the website, the company does not disclose price information.