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UN has banned its employees from using WhatsApp for security reasons

The United Nations (UN) does not consider WhatAapp to be a secure method of communication and has implemented, since June 2019, a policy that prohibits the use of messaging by all its employees. The move was revealed by Farhan Haq, a spokesman for the organization, Reuters after being asked whether Antnio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, communicated with world leaders, like Mohammed bin Salman, via WhatsApp.

The Prince of Saudi Arabia is responsible for stealing private information from Jeff Bezos' smartphone. A forensic analysis carried out by the security company FTI Consulting revealed that in 2018, the CEO of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post newspaper received a message sent by Mohammed bin Salman's WhatsApp account.

Apparently, the message contained a file that made it possible to bypass the security system of the device and extract a large amount of information. After receiving information on the involvement of Mohammed bin Salman, the UN called in a statement to carry out a further investigation of the case.

Although the UN has implemented the security measure in relation to its officials' official communications, Farhan Haq did not indicate whether they used WhatsApp before June 2019.

In response to a directive implemented by the UN, Carl Woog, WhatsApp's director of communications, indicated that each message sent in the application is protected through encryption. The official says that the technology developed prevents the company or other entities from accessing the conversations, and the security system is viewed favorably by specialists in the area.