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Twitter fell? Check if the service is down or in trouble

Twitter faced some instability issues and left users confused about where the problem was; know how to find out

At the end of the morning of this Tuesday (17th), many users complained that the Twitter had fallen and it was not possible to access some basic features of the social network, such as the profile itself or the feed. Since then, many people have wondered if the problem was the internet connection, the device, or if the Twitter dropped down.

What happens is that, at first, users are usually unaware if there is a bug with the user Twitter or if any account cases have been hacked or deleted, as the service will not let you log in with your user account.

Whenever you notice that the App is not loading new ones tweets, images and videos, or even if you?re totally offline, and you don?t know the real reason, we?ve put together some very welcome tips to help you spot such errors in the future:


O Downdetector a website that brings together information from different websites and services, such as social networks Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, all major banks, messengers like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, in addition to government websites and e-mail services.

When opening the Downdetector, you can search on the homepage for the service you want to check, or click on the search bar and search for the name of the site, App or service.

Twitter page on Downdetector.

Right from the start we have the amount of problem reports within the last 24 hours. As people go to notify the complaints, the site gathers the information and produces a graph in real time with the numbers. In case of Twitter, the social network has received more than 6,000 notifications in the past 24 hours.

Below the graph, there is how to report the errors that the service is currently experiencing, check the problems most reported by users and look at old problems.

Access the Downdetector website and make your report.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent tool to check if Twitter has gone down or there has been a problem.Google Trends homepage.

O Google has a service called Google Trends, which shows the most searched terms worldwide. This service serves both to check the popularity of specific terms and to check the most searched terms of the moment. valid if there is a lot of research on the Twitter, joined by other terms, such as Twitter with problems, Twitter fell, Bugs with Twitter or Twitter is not working.

Google Trends an excellent tool to confirm if Twitter fellGoogle Trends notifying that there was a sudden increase in search under the terms ?Twitter Fell?, ?Twitter with problems.?

Checking if Twitter fell? on the Faecebook

We usually use the Twitter as a thermometer to check frequently talked about subjects, like when some service is in trouble. However, when the problem is in the Twitter, it is ideal to ask other users through the Whatsapp Messenger, or go the other way and confirm on other social networks like Facebook, if the Twitter dropped down.

In an interview with Exame magazine last year, Sharad Vivek, Twitter's global business development director, reported significant user growth. O Twitter increased from 318 to 330 million active users in 2017, and its revenues grew 21%. There are no exact numbers on the number of users in Brazil, but the director informs us that we are an important market for the social network.