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Tip: Siri is already inside the FIFA World Cup!

We recently commented here that the Crab had learned a little more about football.

The football player's football capabilities are still far from ideal, true and this is due to the fact that she only responds to information related to the Brazilian championship. In other words, important tournaments such as America's Libertadores Cup, a Brazil's Cup and the Copa Sudamericana.

Only, as much as Siri ?doesn't like? football very much, there is an event that she simply cannot ignore simply because of its magnitude. And it's called FIFA World cup.

Below you can see some examples of questions that Siri was able to answer in a good way about the 2018 edition:

Siri answering questions about the World Cup

Unfortunately, depending on the question, Siri is unable to answer. The example below makes this clear:

Siri answering questions about the World Cup

But she does not know the answer. From the tests we did, it all depends on how you ask. See that the question above is basically the same as the one I asked below, I just changed the format a little so that she could understand what I wanted to know. In the image above, she simply could not answer; in the first, below, Siri answered only about Brazil's first game (that is, it was wrong); in the second, she already showed the other games (I need to scroll to access the other two games in the first phase):

Siri answering questions about the World Cup

The same thing happens depending on how you ask which teams will participate in the World Cup or Siri misses the answer or shows the entire game schedule, being necessary to scroll the screen to see everything:

Siri answering questions about the World Cup

what we already know: Siri is far from perfect, but from time to time she can answer what we would like to know. So, if the World Cup is something that interests you, know that Apple's virtual assistant is now on top of the subject. ?

tip from Diego Batista