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These are the worst examples in the world when it comes to using passwords

Dashlane once again presented its annual ranking of password offenders, where prominent individuals and organizations are highlighted, who led the least secure behaviors of the year related to passwords.

Big tech and regulation remain at the forefront of political and social conversations, with laws related to consumer data privacy. Unfortunately, when companies like Facebook and Google admit insecure practices related to passwords and cybersecurity, it is their users who suffer when their credentials are released online, says Dashlane. This has a ripple effect: a hacker with a username / email and password from a single compromised database can use that information to access other accounts.

It's not just the companies that make these mistakes: many people can see themselves in the behavior of Lisa Kudrow, famous for Phoebe's role in Friends. See the full list and reasons for Dashlane's rating – along with some safety advice – in the image gallery.