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There are possible specifications and release date for the Motorola G Stylus

A few days ago the Motorola leak appeared, which had as a novelty the stylus, or rather an interaction pen similar to the Samsung Note line. The leak revealed only the front aspect of the smartphone, with the small punch hole of the camera on the top left, as well as its pen. Although it has not been officially revealed, there is already a new photograph showing its rear, as well as some technical aspects.

91mobiles claims the exclusivity of its specifications, as well as the first real photo of the smartphones, also receiving what may be its official name: Moto G Stylus, which may be launched on February 13th. The most likely will be shown during the Mobile World Congress next month, more specifically in an anticipation event scheduled for January 23rd.

tek Motorola G Stylus

The website states that the equipment will have a 48 MP primary rear camera, as can be seen written on the cover, accompanied by a 117-degree wide-angle sensor. In total, there are four chambers in the set, but nothing was mentioned about the specifications of the others. It is also said that the Motorola logo on the back cover is simultaneously its biometric sensor.

The smartphone photograph does not show the pen, but the front is similar to the image released a few days ago. But if you notice the reflection, it gives the impression that one hand is holding the smartphone, while the other is holding the stylus, very close to the equipment, on the top. It is not possible to understand where the pen can be kept.

Regarding specifications, as it was listed in the Geekbench, a 6.4 inch Full HD + screen was advanced. Have a Snapdragon processor series 6, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Its battery can be 4,000 mAh, with support for fast charging. The smartphone can also be launched with Android 10.

tek Motorola G Stylus