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The best games of 2019

Find out which games stood out the most on their respective platforms in 2019

Less than 15 days before the end of the year, we can consider that the best games 2019 have already reached their respective consoles, smartphones and computers.

What does that mean? It's time to select the best titles that made it to video games, consoles and smartphones in 2019: Check it out below:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Since the acclaimed Demon?s Souls and the trilogy Dark Souls, a From Software brings games that have a certain impact on the industry. Responsible for inventing gender souls-likeUntil that year, a company game did not win the prize for the best games of the year, even with its vanguardism. Stayed for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice receive the title of champion of TGA 2019.

Considered more accessible than Bloodborne and the franchise's own games SoulsThat didn?t mean an easier game. On the contrary, he remained challenging, rewarding the persistent player, while at the same time keen to notice the openings and correct mistakes from past attempts.

For bringing the iconic scenery of feudal Japan and an exquisite narrative and being more accessible without losing the identity of From Software games, the title could not be left out of the list. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be played on Playstation 4, Xbox one and PRAÇA.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

One of the best games of the year a remake. But it is important to consider that, despite being based on a title released over 20 years ago, Resident Evil 2 redesigned not only graphics, but all elements of the classic survival horror.

What makes the title successful is keeping what made the original a great game while the innovations adapted the gameplay and graphics dated to the current generation in a masterful manner.

Whether you're revisiting Raccoon City or a newcomer to the iconic city of the series, the remake of Resident Evil 2 delivery to, graphics and terror in the right measure for a memorable experience. Don't leave without checking out our game review and also see our guide with the best tricks and tips for the game.

Death Stranding

The title that received the most nominations among games in the The Game Awards 2019 he could easily win the award for best opinionator. Hated by some and considered the best game of the generation for others, Hideo Kojima's first work after his departure from Konami innovated by addressing complex themes through a supposedly simple activity: delivering orders.

Death Stranding is a game changer, but its competence in bringing a whole new experience makes it one of the best games of the yearDeath Stranding is a divisor of opinions

After all, the objective of almost all missions in the game is to take a set of items from one point to another. How can a game with this goal address a complicated topic like the connection between people?

This is the great achievement of Death Stranding, which justifies its nomination among the best games of 2019. The title is exclusive to Playstation 4, but in 2020 it will reach the PC.

Devil May Cry 5

Winner in the Best Action and Adventure Game at the 2019 Game Awards, Devil May Cry 5 arrives with the proposal to put an end to the saga of the children of Sparda: Dante and Vergil, who this time joins Nero, who debuted in Devil May Cry 4.

It marks the return of the series after 11 years and received two Game Awards and average 90 no Metacritic, highlighting its superiority to the previous ones.

The Legend of Zelda: Link?s Awakening

After the iconic Breath of the Wild, a Nintendo surprises us by returning to the classic gameplay of the series in the remake of Links Awakening. Totally different from what we saw in the open world adventure, the return to the classic mold also gave way to a type of art much more cute than its predecessor, in a similar way to what Wind Waker did aps Ocarina of Time.

Link's Awakening proved that the classic formula of Zelda is timeless and therefore ranks among the best games of 2019The Legend of Zelda: Link?s Awakening proved the timeless classic formula of Zelda

In addition, the game proves that the gameplay that enshrined The Legend of Zelda timeless. On a journey out of the peak clashes against Ganon, little Link carried by a sea storm to the island of Koholint. In it, you must discover the mystery that imprisons its inhabitants and prevents them from leaving the island.

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening exclusive to Nintendo Switch.


The title of the indie publisher Return Digital he surprised by his impeccable and surprising art direction, impressing at the same time as thrilling whoever plays it.

Gris a work of art and an emotional journey that made him stand out among the best games of the yearGris a work of art and an emotional journey that made him stand out

As an unnamed protagonist who has lost her voice, you must explore the game's phases, solving puzzles and moving forward to bring harmony back to your world. As we showed in our review, playing Gris it gives us the feeling that we are exploring works of art.

With simple and accessible mechanics, anyone can take control and experience the beauty and emotion of Gris, which is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Outer Worlds

Fallout: New Vegas considered by many fans of the franchise to be the best in the series, being the only one developed by Obsidian Entertainment. That is why, The Outer Worlds was eagerly awaited.

The Outer Worlds is one of the best games of 2019 not for presenting great innovations, but for bringing a great experience in open world RPGsThe Outer Worlds is not on the list for presenting great innovations, but for bringing great experience in open world RPGs

Launched at the end of October of that year, it fulfilled expectations and we can say that it a New Vegas in space. Do you know what the problem is? None! Better yet: it surpasses what Obsidian caught up with New Vegas!

With gameplay similar to the RPG that inspired it, The Outer Worlds it brings acid social criticisms, faces you can choose to follow – none of which are completely good or bad – and, even better, with very few bugs. It is also worth mentioning that the player has several options at hand to resolve the same situation, which can make him go through the game almost without a fight.

It is worth considering art direction, which opts for a more colorful look, a welcome addition to other games of the genre, which usually opt for post-apocalyptic scenarios or realms of medieval fantasy. The Outer Worlds is available for PC, Xbox one or Playstation 4.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The definitive edition of the fight franchise of Nintendo didn?t save on content for his players. The game can be considered a tribute to the classic video game franchises, going beyond the icons of the company itself. Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby and almost every character in the Nintendo they are accompanied by Sega stars, Capcom, Konami and even SNK, with newcomer Terry Bogard, from Fatal Fury.

The gameplay remains the same: up to 8 players face each other in an arena with holes, traps and various items, in order to throw their competitors out.

The difference in relation to the previous editions is in the amount of content: a historical method called World of Light with many hours of duration, classic mode with several paths to go and a wide range of modalities mark Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, exclusive to Nintendo Switch.


Another title that won fans for its curious proposal. The third-person action game puts you in the role of Jesse Faden, director of a clandestine government agency designed to deal with supernatural problems.

Like someone with supernatural powers herself, Jesse must explore the corridors of the agency's headquarters and deal with the mysterious attack known as Rudo, while haunted by the organization's former director.

Control combines action game mechanics with supernatural powers like telekinesis and the possibility of creating an invisible shield. With a complex plot that requires some involvement on the part of the player, Control stands out in being successful when trying something different in relation to the gender of third person action.

The title is available for PC, Xbox one and Playstation 4.

Apex Legends

With no marketing campaign or bombshell as usual in the industry, Apex Legends appeared by surprise on the current generation's consoles and on the PC in early 2019. The battle royale from the stadium Titanfall 2 drew so much curiosity that it even posed a threat against the giant Fortnite.

The first person shooter game innovated by forcing its players to compete in trios in their first months of life. Even so, the communication tools allowed even the most timid to play without saying a word, with easy ways to send referrals to their teammates.

Without major publicity campaigns and delivering a battle royale well developed, we can safely say that Apex Legends hits head to head with PUBG and Fortnite, two other giants from battle royale.

Apex Legends can be played for free on Xbox one, Playstation 4 and PRAÇA.

Saint Seiya: Awakening

The most well-known (and played) model among mobile games freemium, which allows you to play free, but with in-game items sold. Because of their mechanics, they are hardly suitable for awards.

This does not mean that they are bad games. Weight titles like Fire Emblem Heroes and the newly launched Mario Kart Tour follow this line, for example. However, who opens our list of best games of the year is not the mobile title of Nintendo, but a game awaited by fans of the Masami Kurumada franchise.

Saint Seiya: Awakening in the first game of Knights of the Zodiac on mobile, but infinitely better than the two other games. It follows the traditional mechanics of turn-based RPGs. The acquisition of characters from the animated series is done by drawing lots – known as gatcha.

What makes Saint Seiya: Awakening It is interesting that even supporting characters, like Kiki or Cassius, are important for having a cohesive and competitive team. That is, you can mix both the powerful Golden Saints and your favorite characters.

Saint Seiya: Awakening is available free for Android and iOS.

And for you? What were the best games of the year for you? Which games did you manage to play in 2019? Comment with us and leave your list here too!