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Technological giants limit employee travel to China due to Coronavirus

The spread of Coronavirus continues to give headaches to organizations and companies that do business in China. The virus, which has already killed more than a hundred people and has now spread to almost 20 countries, has been the subject of some containment decisions.

Technological companies, which operate on Chinese soil, are also taking drastic measures to prevent the virus from continuing to spread and are restricting their employees' travel to China as well as their return. Among the companies are Apple, Amazon, Google, and other technology companies, limiting visits to those that are strictly critical to their business.

According to Amazon's statements to Business Insider, Jeff Bezos's company focuses on the well-being and safety of its employees. We are very cautiously restricting our employees' business travel to China until further notice, and we are encouraging workers to follow the health and safety measures instructed by international health agencies, such as the CDC and WHO. Only critical trips are allowed, and those who have returned from the affected areas of China must work from home for two weeks before returning to the office and should seek medical help in case of symptoms.

Apple carried out tests, adding that the company is taking additional measures, such as thorough cleaning of its stores, in addition to regularly checking the temperature of its employees. It is also known that the apple brand closed three stores in China. Facebook, Google and Microsoft are also limiting travel, closing offices and encouraging employees to work from home.

AAirbnb issued a statement saying that circumstances forced the company to take emergency measures in its policies. In order to guarantee security, your customers can cancel reservations without additional costs, until the situation stabilizes.