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Take a journey through the 42-year history of the "apple company" at Apple Archive

Even if you're not an enthusiast for Apple products and services, it's almost impossible to deny the company's influence in the technological world. From its creation on April 1, 1976 to the current 42 years of launches of computers, smartphones, music players, smartwatches and much more.

To take a trip back in time through Apple's historical evolution, you don't need a Delorean or the company of a beveled teacher. The Apple Archive has compiled hundreds of videos, images, advertisements and promotional materials from the apple company on a single website.

The Apple Archive is the brainchild of Sam Gold who decided to do the work after the YouTube channel EveryAppleVideo was eliminated. According to its creator, in a 9to5Google interview, this was the impetus that led him to create, in June 2019, an initial version of the website. Its mission is to preserve all of the company's historical heritage, including not only its commercial successes, but also its failed attempts.

When browsing the website, the user can find an extensive archive organized by decade. In each of the sections you will be able to find out which products and services have been launched each year. Do you remember the first iPhone in 2007 or the colorful iMac G3 from the year 2000? How about Apple's classic 1984 ad or even the Get a Mac campaign? They're all here. The most curious can already start their journey through time by visiting the website created by Sam Gold.