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Support for Windows 7 ends this week. Learn how to upgrade for free

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7, which in effect will leave computers unprotected; learn how to upgrade for free

From tomorrow (14) to Microsoft go to stop supporting the Windows 7, encouraging or better, almost compelling users of the operating system to update it to the Windows 10. But this is not the end of the world, as we let you inside all the problems (and solutions!) To follow.

What will happen?

There will be no more technical support from the company and there will be no antivirus update. That is, your PC will be more vulnerable to a malware, for example, and this is no longer in the Microsoft account. Other applications that worked as a priority in Windows 7 may also stop having future updates.

Both in case you still want to use it as in case you want change the version of the operating system, don't worry: we have solutions below.

If I still use Windows 7, what do I do?

The simple and straightforward solution: upgrade to Windows 10. The cheapest and most complete version is Windows 10 Home, which costs R $ 730. However, if you are unable to afford it or simply do not mind Microsoft's internal flaws, there is another very pleasant way out that will save you that money.

windows 10Windows 10 may not be for everyone's pocket, but we have a simpler solution. (Reproduction / Microsoft)

If you missed the free update for Windows 10 that officially ended in July 2016 (we imagine it to be your case, because you are reading this part of the guide!) and you have it installed an original copy of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, you can still make the same update work.

Following a discovery of the American website ZDNET, the step by step is very simple. First, go to the Microsoft website to download Windows 10 and click ?Download the tool now?. Then click on the downloaded file and, with the pop-up, select "Update this PC now".

In the following options, just click on ?advance?, ?confirm? or similar option to those standard options for those who are used to installing software on the PC. According to multiple tests on the site, the update works from post-2016 until last week, with users in different conditions having immediate success.

What if there are problems with the update?

If your machine does not support the update (lack of memory, for example) or it for some reason does not work, do not worry. Getting stuck in the operating system at the end of the world.

There are great chances of those who still have Windows 7 as their main platform, only to use it to fulfill simple functions, such as surfing the internet and replying to emails. And there is still an exception for old software which are not compatible with newer versions of the operating system. For these safer use cases, there are less risk, however, it is still worth having be very careful.

We can give some punctual tips: use an antivirus that is still updated after the end of Windows 7's useful life, clean your computer (delete files you don't know, for example) and uninstall software that you no longer use, whether they are native to the machine (Flash Player, Quicktime ) or no (any application you may have installed later).

Finally, making your life easier: we have a Special dedicated online security that will help you with this task.