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Sunday party on the smartphone with apps "fresh to install"

This week the TEK team gathered a mix of applications useful for users' day-to-day activities, in different activities, but also new games to be entertained in public transport or supermarket queues. Do you feel like exploring new podcasts? Then you will want to try an aggregator application with hundreds of thousands of episodes to discover.

Find out what's new in the SNS application, among new features and more information about health. To program with greater flexibility and mobility, the GitHub mobile app has interesting options.

Then there is a diary to record your daily life and an application to clean your iPhone or iPad in order to improve its performance.

Get to know each of the proposals in detail.

Breaker is an application for listening to podcasts in social network mode

With this aggregating app you can listen to hundreds of thousands of podcasts from around the world, including Portuguese, with the right to research, recommendations and shares.

This aggregator allows you to connect to your Facebook or Twitter account and thus understand what your friends are listening to, discovering new podcasts and sharing your opinion about them.

In addition to social functions, with Breaker you can listen to podcasts at different speeds, pass the ads to save time and download episodes, to listen later offline.

This app also makes the history of podcasts already heard, in addition to presenting the planned episodes of programs that the user subscribes to.

The free Breaker with integrated purchases is available for iOS and Android, in the latter case still in development mode.

MySNS Portfolio: SNS app renewed with new features and more health information

The application of the National Health Service marks the three years and has exceeded 520 thousand downloads since its launch.There is a new version of MySNS Wallet, the application that works like Sade's electronic wallet. Since it was launched three years ago, the app registered more than 520 downloads, and to celebrate the anniversary, there is a new version, with a different image that is more appealing and with more features, SPMS advances in a statement.

The app has a new Medies de Sade menu, which includes the Pass Card, now with the possibility of defining specific objectives for each user. In the Cidado area, the Glycemia Card has been integrated with data reading and recording. Through the application you can already have access, in a safe way, guarantees the entity, to its digital health cards, such as vaccines, paperless recipe treatment guides, ADSE, Vital Testament, Rare Diseases and Allergies.

The application introduces three transverse color schemes, and allows blocking during the first 30 seconds of inactivity. The MySNS Carteira also allows adding emergency contacts, information regarding the identification of the authenticated user (origin in the National User Registry, contact with the SNS24 through the app) are considered to be added value offered to the citizen.

The application is free and can be accessed in Android and iOS versions.

Daylio, a digital diary where you don't need to write to record your memories and mood

The application is free and allows you to write down your routine only with emojis and icons. But, if you prefer, you can always choose to write from notes.

A diary no longer needs to be written on paper, nor does it require a physical padlock. To prove this, there is the Daylio app, where you can record your mood and activities over the days, without writing a single word.

The application bets on emojis and icons that you can choose without having to record in text your feelings or the activities you performed during the day. This way, it is quicker and easier to make your notes.

Even so, if you prefer "old fashion", you can always add written notes to complete your diary. Once you start writing down your records, you can access statistics using graphs or calendars, where you can also analyze your routine and your mood.

If you are in the "forgotten" genre, you can set up reminders to keep track of the best memories. And, not having a physical lock, you have the option of activating the lock using the PIN, keeping your "secrets" safe.

The free app, despite presenting a premium version, is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

GitHub Mobile promises to bring more mobility and flexibility to programming sessions

The latest bet from GitHub has programmers in mind with a frenetic lifestyle and work pace.

In November 2019, GitHub announced at its annual conference the launch of a mobile version of its platform for iOS. Thinking of programmers with Android mobile devices, the company decided to launch, in January this year, a beta version of the application for the operating system.

Through GitHub Mobile, programmers who have a frenetic lifestyle and workflow have the possibility to review code lines and share feedback about various projects with their colleagues even if they are always on the move.

According to Ryan Nystrom, responsible for the platform's infrastructure department, the application allows greater flexibility for those who want to move their work forward, regardless of where they are: whether they are the secretary at home or on their way to work in transport.

Users can find in the application several features that aim to optimize their level of productivity, being able to follow each step of a project in the palm of their hand. For example, the mailbox of GitHub Mobile allows, with a simple slide of the finger on the screen, to save a certain task for later or, then, mark it as complete and move on to the next.

Although GitHub Mobile is free, both the Android and iOS versions are still in beta, being only available to a limited number of participants. Users who want to experiment with making their programming sessions more mobile can sign up on the GitHub page.

Improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad with drastic cleaning

Lack of space is one of the problems that can cause the smartphone and tablet to slow down and the Magic Phone Cleaner app wants to solve this drama.

The more storage space the smartphone has the more things we end up saving in it. Not only apps that we don't use, but also all the photos we take, often in duplicate or triplicate, videos and files that we no longer use.

The problem that, after some time, it becomes difficult to make a conscious cleaning. like cupboards and storerooms where we keep stuff (always useful) but which is buried under new layers of objects.

There are several applications that can help with these cleaning tasks, and Magic Cleaner is one of them, helping to find and eliminate duplicate photos or videos and merge repeated contacts.

In the arrangement process the app also helps to organize the photos by location, and to clean the ones taken in a certain location

In this case there is no cleaning of files or apps, not even the phone's memory.

The Magic Cleaner can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, but to have access to all the features you need a subscription to a service.

The moment you cut the rope in this game decides everything

At Rescue Cut you have to do the calculations very well to be able to free the tied victim and put him on the right path to get out the door.

The player's job is to cut the strings taking into account a certain puzzle-like scenario, with one or more obstacles to get around, taking the victim alone and saving to the next level.

As in any game, initially it is very simple to fulfill the objective, but as the levels pass, the degree of difficulty increases, requiring a little more time to calculate the right solution.

To save the victim (or victims, because there is also a cats mode) know that you will have to get around obstacles in the form of snipers, bears, crocodiles, tigers, flame launchers, circular blades, cannons and explosives.

Rescue Cut is free with ads, but you can always play offline. It is available from the Play Store and the App Store.