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Steve Wozniak's favorite Nexus One cell phone

In an interview with NBC, Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple, revealed that his favorite gadget at the moment is Google's Nexus One. Wozniak has also shown himself to like the Motorola Droid, although previous experiences with Android have not been satisfactory.

"I have two iPhones, sometimes I put a Droid on my belt and also a Nexus One," said Wozniak. ?I had some previous Android phones, which were terrible for me. However, the Droid and Nexus One are excellent, but this is not true of every Android phone ?.

Regarding brands and devices, Wozniak makes it clear that he does not like to push Macs and iPhones to people, his personal idea is based on the relevance and needs of each one.

"I don't like to treat it as a religion," said Wozniak. ?I don't like to tell people that they are bad or wrong (when choosing a particular device). The ideal computer for you, based on your family income and your type of work, can be a PC and not a Macintosh. I believe that a real salesperson cares about the customer – although I try to give them the advantages of iPhones and Macintosh a little ?.