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Spotify lets you make a list of songs for your pet

When you raise the sound of the stereo or smart speaker do you see your cat or dog disappear, bothered by the music? Spotify seems to have found a solution, at least in theory: the creation of a special playlist to listen to with your mascot.

Pets by Spotify uses the user account of the digital music service to create playlists based on algorithms that consider their musical habits, as well as some of the animal's attributes: whether energetic or relaxed, shy or friendly, curious or apathetic, for example example. At the end, add your photo, and voil, a playlist automatically generated on Spotify.

tek spotify pets

The company says that although the music for animals is not exactly a science, it consulted specialists in the pet industry for a closer approximation of the style of the themes appropriate for each type of pet, among dogs, cats, hamsters, iguanas or even birds.

But note that the system does not work with goldfish, tarantulas or snakes, simply because they have no ears